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Chapter 19: Half of Humanity

You say you can’t coexist with the rest of the world. Do you want a red Oregon, a red world? And are you ready to fight for this purpose?

We never plan anything, but we are always ready to fight for human rights. Whatever the consequence, we will fight for democracy. We will fight for freedom. We will fight for respect toward the individual. We will fight for America and will not allow Americans to destroy its beauty, its Constitution, its Declaration of Independence. We are on the side of America, and the Oregonians are not. That is my basic standpoint.

We have not committed a single crime, we have not done anything illegal. We have not done anything against the Constitution, and the State of Oregon has done everything against the Constitution, against the law. They have used the law in a way it has never been used against anybody. They have taken advantage of the loopholes in the law.

But my commune is not Reverend Jim Jones’ uneducated black people. My commune has four hundred law experts. There is no other firm in the whole world which has four hundred law experts.

We are going to fight to the very end. And remember, we are fighting for the values America stands for, and they are fighting against their own values, their own Constitution, their own law.

They are fascists, and I don’t think fascism can win. We are a small minority, but we are not threatened by them; they are a big majority, and they are threatened by us. You can see clearly what is the reason.

The reason is that we are standing for their Constitution, and they are going against their own Constitution. In the courts they are getting defeated everywhere. In the lower courts perhaps they may succeed, because they belong to the state, they are under the pressure of the state; but as we move higher, our score of wins gets bigger.

The moment we are in the federal courts we immediately win. And I am absolutely certain I myself am going to stand in the Supreme Court of America, to save the Constitution of America against all those who want to prostitute it. Is it a Constitution or a prostitution?

We are not threatened, we are really enjoying the whole game.

Anything more?

The last question: once you spoke about a holocaust between 1984 and 1999. What does it mean?

It means nothing. Eat more spaghetti! There will be no holocaust.