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Chapter 25: Stealing the Truth

Ananda Teertha wrote me a letter: “We have opened a meditation academy.” Devageet was there - he worked hard to find a place, to arrange the money. Devageet helped tremendously to open the academy, and he insisted that my name should be there. But no therapist was willing that even a mention of me should be made. And Teertha wrote in explanation, “We have not put your name on the academy, we have not mentioned your name anywhere, for the simple reason - because your name has become dangerous. People become afraid to join the therapy group if it is your therapy. Governments won’t allow..”

So now it is paying.they have all dropped their names, starting with “Swami” or “Ma”; they have kept just “Teertha,” “Rajen.” That too is cunning. Why not bring back your old name again? - because that old name has no prestige and they want to ride on both the horses. They want to exploit the sannyasins with their names, and they want to exploit the non-sannyasins by dropping my name or any concern with me completely from their therapy groups.

They had come to me as failures. Therapies were dying in America and Europe because people did them and found that it is just a game. I made them world-famous therapists, changed the structures of their therapies, joined it with meditation, and they became the topmost therapists in the world. They had come to me as failures, bankrupt. But they have all forgotten that. Now they think that I am a danger. To be with me is no more paying; it is better to be on your own.

But they cannot leave the sannyasins either, because if you are totally on your own, no sannyasin is going to bother about you. So in advertising, they are using the red clothes; in their pictures they have malas. But in reality, they are not using red clothes, they are not using malas. What kind of cunningness.? It seems not only politicians but perhaps every human being has a certain hidden politician in himself.

Devageet told me that he had to almost physically fight for at least putting a picture of me in the brochure because they were all putting their pictures in it. With great difficulty they agreed and they put a very old picture so that nobody would recognize that it is my picture. And they have not put my name underneath the picture. Under their pictures, their names are there, but under my picture there is no name. And somebody - an amateur - must have taken this picture; nobody can find out whose picture it is.

Just yesterday all the three political parties of Uruguay unanimously decided that they would like me to stay here, and they welcome me and my people. The president, the minister for foreign affairs, the minister for interior affairs - these are the three persons who have to sign for my permanent residence here - they agreed totally that there is nothing against me. And all that has been sent to them from different countries - from England, from Spain, from America, from India, from Greece, from Italy, from Germany - not a single word is against me; it is against the people who may come if I stay here.

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