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Chapter 9: Beyond and Beyond

Lin Chi’s master died. The master was a well-known man, but Lin Chi was even better known than the master, because the master was a silent man. In fact, through Lin Chi he had become very famous. Then the master died, and Lin Chi. It was known that he is also enlightened. A crowd of thousands gathered to pay their respects and the last farewell. And they saw Lin Chi crying and weeping, tears flowing down like a small child whose mother has died. People could not believe it, because they thought that he had attained, and he was crying like a small child: “This is okay when a person is ignorant, but when a person is awakened, and he himself had been teaching that the innermost nature is immortal, eternal, it never dies. So why now?”

A few who were very, very intimate with Lin Chi came and told him, “It is not good, and what will people think about you? Already there is a rumor: people are thinking that they were wrong in thinking that you have attained. Your whole prestige is at stake. Stop crying! And a man like you need not cry.”

Lin Chi said, “But what can I do? Tears are coming! It is their dharmata. And who am I to stop them? I neither reject nor accept; I remain inside myself. Now tears are flowing, nothing can be done. If my prestige is at stake, let it be. If the people think I am not enlightened, that is their own business. But what can I do? I have left the doer long ago; there is no longer any doer. It is simply happening. These eyes are crying and weeping on their own accord, because they will not be able to see the master again, and it was nourishment to them, they lived on that food. I know very well that the soul is eternal: nobody ever dies, but how to teach these eyes? What to tell them? They don’t listen; they don’t have any ears. How to teach these eyes: ‘Don’t weep, don’t cry, life is eternal’? And who am I? It is their business. If they feel like crying, they cry.”

Remaining natural and loose means this: things happen, you are not the doer. Neither accepting nor rejecting, self-will dissolves. The very concept of willpower becomes empty and impotent; it simply withers away and pride vanishes into nothingness.

It is difficult to understand an enlightened person. No concepts will be helpful. What will you think about Lin Chi? He says, “I know, but the eyes are crying; let them cry, they will feel relaxed. And they will not be able to see this man again; the body is to be burned soon. They nourished on him, and they knew no beauty except this man, and they knew no grace. They have lived too long nursing on this man’s form and body. Now they feel thirsty, hungry; now they feel that the very ground is disappearing beneath them. Of course they are crying!”

A natural man simply sits inside and allows things to happen. He does not “do.” And, Tilopa says, only then does Mahamudra appear: the final, the utterly final orgasm with existence. Then you are no longer separate. Then your inner sky has become one with the outer sky. There are not two skies then, only one sky.

Enough for today.