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Chapter 11: Science and Religion - Two Petals of the Same Rose

Isn’t a synthesis between science and religion needed?

The very idea of synthesis already accepts that they are not only two but opposed to each other. Unless there is an antithesis there is no question of synthesis at all.

For me, science and religion are two sides of the same coin. Science is looking outwards, religion is looking inwards, but both are the same kind of looking, the same kind of search. They may have different names - that does not matter at all.

Science calls it observation, religion calls it awareness.

Science calls it experiment, religion calls it experience.

The difference of words simply signifies that their dimensions are different.

Science is focused on the object; and remember the meaning of the word object - that which hinders, objects, prevents.

Religion is focused on the subject. Without the subject there can be no object; without the object there can be no subject.

The subjectivity of man’s consciousness and the objectivity of existence are totally interdependent. But this idiotic idea of synthesis between religion and science has a long history, just as long as foolishness and stupidity. It is part of the same parcel.

Just now, one British marine scientist, eighty-nine-year-old Sir Alistair Hardy, has won the most prestigious British award, the Templeton award. The award has been established to give to people who are trying to create a synthesis between religion and science. So all kinds of idiots are going to get it - Mother Teresa has got it.

Now this other fool, Sir Alistair Hardy, has got it. He must be really senile.. The things for which he has got the award and the things which he has been saying are worth close analysis. He says that he is a follower of Charles Darwin; he strongly believes in the theory of evolution - and he also believes in religion. His whole life he has been trying to create a synthesis between religion and science, to bring them closer together.

He says he does not believe in the ascension of Jesus Christ to heaven. That’s why I call him an idiot. Why can’t you believe in the ascension of Jesus Christ? If you can believe God created the whole world then the ascension to heaven is a very small thing. If God can do all this mess, can create you, Sir Alistair Hardy, then what is the problem in the ascension of Jesus Christ?

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