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Chapter 19: The Future Belongs to the Creative Man

I don’t want you to renounce anything. I want you to rejoice in everything, whatever you are doing. You are a musician. Let music be your meditation. This is your religion - not Mohammedanism, not Hinduism, not Christianity. Music is your religion. If you are a dancer, then dancing is your religion.

Why does everyone want to pretend to be what they are not? What is the psychology behind it?

Everybody is condemned from his very childhood. Whatever he does on his own accord, out of his own liking, is not acceptable. The people, the crowd in which a child has to grow, has its own ideas, ideals. The child has to fit with those ideas and ideals. The child is helpless. Have you ever thought about it? The human child is the most helpless child in the whole animal kingdom. All the animals can survive without the support of the parents and the crowd, but the human child cannot survive, he will die immediately. He is the most helpless creature in the world, so vulnerable to death, so delicate.

Naturally those who are in power are able to mold the child in the way they want. So everybody has become what he is, against himself. That is the psychology behind the fact that everybody wants to pretend to be what he is not. Everybody is in a schizophrenic state. He has never been allowed to be himself; he has been forced to be somebody else that his nature does not allow him to be happy with.

So as one grows and stands on his own legs, one starts pretending many things, which he would have liked in reality to be part of his being. But in this insane world, he has been distracted. He has been made into somebody else; he is not that. He knows it. Everybody knows it: that he has been forced to become a doctor, to become an engineer; he has been forced to become a politician, to become a criminal, to become a beggar.

There are all kinds of forces around. In Mumbai there are people whose whole business is to steal children and make them crippled, blind, lame, and force them to beg, and each evening to bring all the money that they have gathered. Yes, food will be given to them, shelter will be given to them. They are being used like commodities; they are not human beings. This is an extreme example, but the same has happened with everybody to a lesser or greater extent. Nobody is at ease with himself.

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