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Chapter 2: Freedom Is a Higher Value

I have read one letter written by Mulla Nasruddin to his wife. Listen to it..

To my dear, ever-loving wife.

During the past year I have tried to make love to you 365 times, an average of once per day, and the following is a list of the reasons you gave for rejecting me:

Wrong week, 11 times

It will wake the children, 7 times

It is too hot, 15 times

It is too cold, 3 times

Too tired, 19 times

Too late, 16 times

Too early, 9 times

Pretending to sleep, 33 times

The window is open, neighbors might hear, 3 times

Backache, 16 times

Toothache, 2 times

Headache, 6 times

Not in the mood, 31 times

Baby restless, might cry, 18 times

Watched late show, 15 times

Mud-pack, 8 times

Grease on face, 4 times

Too drunk, 7 times

Forgot to visit the chemist’s, 10 times

Visitors sleeping in the next room, 7 times

Just had hair done, 28 times

“Is that all you think about?” 62 times

Dearest, do you think we can improve on our record during the forthcoming year?

Your ever-loving husband,

Mulla Nasruddin.

These are ways to manipulate, to starve the other - to make him more and more hungry so that he becomes more and more dependent.

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