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Chapter 2: Zorba the Buddha

Parents don’t allow the children to will. Then there are teachers, and those teachers are employed by the parents and the society. They are in the service of the past. The whole educational system serves the past, it does not serve you - remember it. From the kindergarten to the college, all the teachers and the professors are in the service of the past; they are there to maintain the past. They are not for you, they are not to help you, they are to condition you.

And then the priest and the politicians.they are all trying to condition you. Nobody wants you to be a free man, everybody wants you to be a slave - because the more you are a slave, the more easily you can be exploited. The leader will need followers. From where is he going to find followers? Unless people are slaves and in constant need of somebody to dominate them, from where is he going to find followers?

And stupid politicians dominate millions of people. The only reason is that millions of people have been reduced to such psychological slavery that they cannot move on their own. Even if they have to follow a blind person, it is better to follow him than to be alone. They have become sheep - they are no longer people, they are no longer human beings. A humanoid is a sheep, a humanoid is a herd animal.

Have you seen sheep walking? Huddling with each other, keeping themselves in the herd? Everybody is afraid. The humanoid’s basic conditioning is that of fear. From the very beginning you have been poisoned through fear - all kinds of fear. The fear of hell, the fear of disrespectability, the fear of being a failure in the world.fears and fears and fears.

And if you follow the leaders and the priests and the pedagogues, then you have been promised all kinds of carrots. You have been promised all kinds of rewards - here and hereafter too.

The humanoid simply shows that during a person’s formative years he became habituated to having someone else frame his projects, directions and purposes. Somebody did his willing for him, and did it so effectively and convincingly that he never learnt to do it for himself. A humanoid is a human being who has been intentionally denied the God-given birthright to his full human possibilities. And now this person will remain a tyrant-needing, tyrant-seeking humanoid for the remainder of his life - unless he becomes part of a buddhafield and is awakened from his sleep.

That awakening is satori, that awakening is samadhi, that awakening is enlightenment. The master cannot give you anything that you don’t already have. The master simply takes the conditionings away from you and leaves you alone as you were born. He makes you a child again: that is the whole purpose of a master.

But this cannot be imposed on you. You will have to be courageous enough to drop the conditioning. Great guts will be needed. But you have shown courage already by becoming a sannyasin. You have shown courage already by being here in my presence, to be with me.

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