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Chapter 7: Full Emptiness

Again this is logic trying to find consistency. “Does it apply to everyone?” Logic always generalizes, and reality is not a generalization. Unique individuals are here, there are no generalizations. Have you ever seen a human being? You see Teertha, you see Maneesha, you see Sudha, you see Sheela, you see Madhuri - you see many people. but you never see a human being. A human being is a generalization. You will never come across a human being. You will always come across concrete men, women, not human beings. Concrete. Logic lives in generalizations.

Mulakab asked: “Does this apply to everyone?”
Simab: “It applies to whom it applies. It applies above all to those who think it does not apply to them!”

This is of tremendous importance. Keep it always in your consciousness.

“It applies above all to those who think it does not apply to them!”

- because that is the last deception the mind can play. That is the last trick, strategy, of the mind to protect itself - “It does not apply to me.” You always become a victim of that trick - “It does not apply to me.”

Here people write to me: “Osho, what you said was perfectly beautiful. Many people will be benefited by it, many - but not me.”

I have heard about a man who used to come to a church to listen to a priest, and every day, whenever he was leaving, he would say to the priest, “You did well. You hammered well. All those people needed it.”

By and by it became a kind of drag to the priest. This man was so egoistic. It was an everyday thing. Whenever the priest would speak, in the end the man was waiting and he would say, “You did well. You hammered well. These people needed it. They deserved it. You put them right. That is going to help them.”

And the priest was waiting for the right opportunity to talk to this man. Then one day it happened. It was raining hard and only this man turned up. Nobody else was there. So the priest thought, “Now, let us see what he says.” And the man was waiting.

When the priest finished and the man was going out he said, “You did well. They would have been benefited very much if they had been here. Poor fellows. They missed. I feel sorry for them!”

Remember that all that is being said by masters is said to you, to you in particular. Don’t bring others in. And if you feel that it does not apply to you then it applies to you certainly and absolutely. Whenever you want to make an exception for yourself, beware. You are being befooled by your mind. Beware, and escape from the trap. And if you are aware and you escape from the trap you can become the exception. By not thinking you are the exception, you can become the exception. By not thinking you are great, you can become great. By not thinking you are very humble, you can become humble. All that is good is unselfconscious, it is innocent.