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Chapter 32: The Greatest Gamble

A Buddhist nun had a beautiful golden Buddha, a small, golden statue of Buddha. She was staying in a temple in China.perhaps it is the only temple in the whole world with so many statues. It is called the temple of ten thousand buddhas. Ten thousand statues of Buddha - the whole mountain has been carved, the whole mountain has become a temple.

But she was so much attached to her small golden Buddha that although there were beautiful statues of Buddha in different postures - sitting, walking, sleeping - she would worship her own golden Buddha every day in the morning. But there was a difficulty, and the difficulty was that she would burn incense. Her Buddha was very small, and you cannot depend on the winds. The winds would come and would take the smoke of the incense to other buddhas. And there were ten thousand buddhas - her own poor Buddha was so small that he was not getting any incense. She was really angry: “This is too bad. Other buddhas are getting it, and I am not burning it for them. This is simply fraud, and my poor Buddha is suffering.”

She thought of a device. She made a small bamboo, a hollow bamboo, and put it over the smoke of the incense and attached it to the nose of the small Buddha. And she was very happy because all the incense was going to the little Buddha, her own Buddha: “Who cares about buddhas? The question is my Buddha.”

But that created a new trouble: the face of the Buddha became black. She went to the priest of the temple and she said, “Help me. I am an old nun and I don’t know what to do now.”

He said, “But how did it happen?” She explained the whole thing. He said, “You are stupid. They are all buddhas, they are statues of the same person. You should not be so attached to your own small Buddha.”

This is what happens whenever love is addressed: it blackens the face of both persons, because both are addressing each other. So you can see lovers nagging, bitching.

Let the fragrance go, because all are one as far as life is concerned, all are one as far as existence is concerned.

Nobody is “the other.”