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Chapter 2: Become a Flame

I realized in yesterday’s discourse that I am resisting the word God.
My thoughts go back to an event which happened several years ago when I was caring for a very ill man in the hospital - he was dying. He had asked me to get a priest for him as he was afraid.
On arrival of the priest, the ill man said, “God damn you,” directly to the priest. And the priest walked away, and said to me, “He isn’t worth it.”
I told the priest, “This man is very ill and the words he uses, he know not.”
The priest still refused to help him. Since that day I have not gone into a church.
I know God is within me. What is the resistance then? Please help me.

The word God is not God. The word love is not love. The word fire is not fire. So the first thing is to remember: don’t get attached too much to words, don’t get obsessed too much with words. Words are only symbols, indicative: use them, but don’t become burdened too much by them. If the word God creates trouble, forget that word. Allah will do, Ram will do, XYZ - choose another word if that word has become wrongly associated. But if you start creating a resistance against God himself, against the truth itself only you will be responsible, and only you will be missing something of tremendous value. but this happens. We use language; we become so much obsessed with language that we forget that language is not the reality. In fact, one has to put language aside to see the reality.

The incident is significant. if you had become resistant against priests, there was nothing wrong in it; but that has not happened. The priest had refused to help - not God. Avoid priests, there is no problem in it - in fact, the more you avoid them, the closer you will be to God. The priest is not needed at all. He goes on propagating that he is needed; he emphasizes that without him there is no possibility for you to ever enter into the world of God - but that is his proposition. It is his business, it is his trade secret, he has to create this atmosphere. Otherwise, no medium is needed; God is immediately available. But of course, priests have made a great business - the greatest ever - and they ideal in such a commodity which is invisible, so you can never prove whether they deliver or not. The commodity itself is invisible. It is a beautiful game.

I have heard.

“What’s the little boy crying about?” the kind old lady asked the ragged urchin.

“That other kid swiped his candy,” he replied.

“But how is it that you have the candy now?”

“Sure, I got the candy now,” replied the urchin. “I’m the kids lawyer.”

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