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Chapter 13: Session 13

but a sacred fire which burns,

and burns totally,

leaving nothing behind.and yet

you are reborn out of it.

It is a mystery just like the mythological story of the phoenix - the story of a bird burning itself to death, and out of that death coming alive again and again, eternally.

It is not just a myth. No myth is just a myth; something of the truth is given through it. Down the generations this mantra has been there, and I have come to it again and again. I see Ashu laughing. She must be thinking, “This man is really crazy. He must be, to come back again and again to his mantra.” You cannot drown his mantra; to drown him is impossible, so the mantra goes on and on..

Om mani padme hum..

This is the mantra Tibetans repeat when a child is born.not exactly that, but when a child is conceived. How is it possible? The method is this: while you are making love, keep repeating this mantra, so when the child is conceived, Om mani padme hum is there from the beginning. For nine months the mother repeats it as often as possible, and whenever possible. When the child is born, the father repeats the mantra, the lama repeats the mantra. “Priest” is an ugly translation, but in English the only translation for lama is “priest” - but that’s not my fault. A lama is not just a priest, he is a prophet too. He comes when the child is born - not a doctor, but the mystic - and he repeats the mantra continuously. As the head of the child emerges, he is repeating; as the child is born, he is born into Om mani padme hum.

The same happens when one falls in love and gets married. The lama is not a Christian priest marrying two people, he is a mystic helping two people to go deep into love. He again repeats the mantra.

Om mani padme hum..

Again it is not what you would call a wedding; it is not a bondage. It is beautiful. Hence in Tibet they have never heard of divorce. You will be surprised.only now, recently, have they heard of it; otherwise for centuries and centuries their people have been joined in love. The very concept of divorce was unknown to them.

Again the same mantra is repeated when a person is dying. The lama repeats it, and so does everybody present. The dying person is in an ocean of Om mani padme hum.

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