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Chapter 37: A Dewdrop Cannot Offend the Ocean

Life does not believe in any religion. “Life” itself is religion. It does not listen to anybody. It knows its way, its longing, its desire. It knows where to move. It does not need anybody to guide it - because all guidance is misguidance.

Never tell a river, “You are moving wrongly. I will show you the short-cut, and a virtuous one. You are enjoying the mountains and the valleys and the forests and the songs of the trees and the flowers too much; this is unforgivable. I will show you the right path, the path through the desert.”

But rivers don’t listen to the priest, they go on singing their song in strange mountains, virgin forests. Without any guide and without any map, without any preacher, without any church, they reach the ocean - that is a simple, natural phenomenon.

If one follows life without any hitch, without any hesitation, wholeheartedly, it will lead you to the divine source of all. No priest is needed.

The pope says, “Without the priest you should not communicate, you should not confess, to God, it is a sin.” I say unto you that the pope is the greatest sinner by making this statement. He is trying to disconnect you with God and connect you with an agent, the priest. Those dollars that are given as punishment never reach God, and what would God do with dollars? There is no shopping center there. I have looked in all the scriptures of the world and there is not even a mention that there exists a shopping center or a movie house. What will God do with the dollars?

Those dollars go in the pocket of the priests - not all, only the commission. The major part goes to the pope, to the Vatican. This is business, pure business. Exploitation disguised as religion.

But all religions have different ways.

I used to go to Allahabad University to speak. Allahabad is one of the holy places of the Hindus, and there you will find a Hindu priest - which are the ugliest in the world, because they exploit. And because they have to be celibate, a psychological phenomenon is bound to happen: one who is trying to be celibate will start eating too much, it is a substitute. So they are fat and ugly. I have always wondered. Just as there are beauty competitions, there should be competitions for ugliness, and I am absolutely certain that a Hindu priest would win the world prize.

From the very railway station, as you get down, the priests start to catch hold of you. Just like the taxi drivers say, “Come to my taxi, it is the best,” those priests try, “Come to my house” - they have a guest house where their clients stay. They have to pay the priest because he will take them to the holy river, the Ganges, for a dip; they will be chanting mantras from the Vedas and you take a dip, and all your sins will be washed away - but you have to pay for it. You can go yourself, the Ganges is there, but unless the priest is chanting the mantras from the Vedas your sins cannot be washed away.

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