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Chapter 2: The Invisible Ones

Then comes the priest, and the people who have not even bowed down to Jesus touch the feet of the priest and give him a passage very reverently, very respectfully. And the priest comes in and looks at this young man and says, “You get down! You come follow me, you come into the church. Have you gone mad? What are you up to?”

Jesus says. “Can’t you recognize me?”

Then the priest takes him into the church, puts him into a dark cell, locks the cell and disappears. In the middle of the night he comes back. The whole day Jesus thinks, “What is going to happen? Am I going to be crucified again by my own people, by Christians? This is too much!” He cannot believe it.

In the middle of the night the priest comes with a small lamp in his hand. He falls at the feet of Jesus and says, “I recognized you. But please, you are not needed at all. You have done your work and we are doing your work perfectly well. You are a great disturber. If you come again you will disturb the whole thing. It has been hard work for us. For eighteen centuries we have struggled, and somehow we have tried to manage things perfectly well. Half of humanity is converted and half is on the way. You just wait. You need not come! Master, you are not needed, we servants are enough. You just send messages from there.”

Jesus says, “I’m happy that you at least recognized me.”

The priest says, “Yes, I can recognize you when we are alone, but in front of the masses I cannot recognize you. And if you insist on creating trouble then I am sorry but I will have to crucify you the same way that the Jews did with you - because a priest has to look to the establishment. I am part of an establishment - Jew or Christian does not matter. I have to save the Church. If there is any conflict between you and the Church, then I am for the Church - I serve the Church. It is perfectly good. You live in heaven, you enjoy there and we are enjoying here. Things are perfectly good. There is no need of your second coming, the first was enough.”

The essential religion will always go against the established religion. Sufis are the very heart, but the heart is bound to be against the mind, the intellect. The priest lives in the head; the man of prayer lives in the heart. They are two polarities, their languages are different. Their languages are so different that the priest cannot understand the language of the heart at all. He can spin theories; he has great expertise as far as doctrines are concerned. He has a very legal mind and is very knowledgeable. But as far as the heart is concerned there is a wasteland in his heart; nothing grows, nothing flowers, nothing flows.

The head cannot understand the heart. The heart can understand the head because the heart is deeper than the head. The man of the heart can understand the man of the head and can feel compassion for him, but the man of the head cannot understand the man of the heart. The lower cannot understand the higher; the higher can understand the lower. The man who is sitting in the valley cannot understand the man who is sitting on the top of the hill. But the man who is sitting on the top of the hill can understand the man who is living in the valley.

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