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Chapter 9: The Emperor’s Nightmare

Jesus cannot believe his own eyes. “My own priest.had just a few minutes before been preaching about my words.” And it is happening, the same drama is happening again. He starts feeling as if he is going to be crucified again. The priest takes him inside, locks him into a small cell and he wonders, sitting there, “Now what is going to happen? But what type of Christians are these people? If they cannot recognize me then whom are they going to recognize? And they have been waiting for me and continuously praying to me ‘Come back!’ and ‘We need you!’ And now I am here!” This seems to be unbelievable.

The whole day he remains in the cell. In the middle of the night the priest comes with a lamp and he touches the feet of Christ and says, “I had recognized you. But I cannot recognize you in the marketplace. You are not needed any more; we are doing your job so perfectly well. And you are a great disturbance - you have always been. You need not come, we are taking care of your business here. Everything has settled and you will unsettle it and you will destroy everything that we have done down these eighteen centuries. It has been an arduous journey but now we are established. Almost the whole earth belongs to us. Every town has a church, and millions of missionaries and priests are roaming around the world converting everybody to Christianity. Sooner or later, by the end of this century, we will have converted the whole earth. You need not come - because you are a disturber, an ancient disturber. You will start saying dangerous things again and all our effort will be undone.

“I recognize you in the darkness of the night. But in the morning, before people, I cannot recognize you. You had better escape otherwise I will have to crucify you.”

Jesus Christ so close is dangerous to the priest, because then the priest is not needed at all. The mediator is not needed, the agent is not needed, the medium is not needed. When Christ is standing by your side there is no need for anybody to become a link. God has to be far away, very, very far away so the priest can play the role of becoming a messenger. So he can become the bridge between you and God.

All paths are created by the priests. Buddhas have not given any path; they have given you an understanding that there is no need to go anywhere. You just be silent, you just be in, and all is available to you. God is not outside, he is your inside. God is not an object, he is your subjectivity. God is you. So where are you going? What path is needed?

No path is needed. No path is the right path.

You ask, “Is there an intellectual path to enlightenment?”

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