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Chapter 60: Liberate Yourself from Yourself

This technique says, if this is known, that will be known automatically, because that is implied in this. The far away is hidden in the near, in the intimate. But the human mind hankers for the far away. This is an escape. It is an escape to think of the far away, because then you can go on thinking forever, and you can go on postponing the living, because life is this. If you think about it and if you contemplate about it, you will have to change yourself.

I am reminded of one anecdote. Once it happened, a Zen master was appointed as a preacher in a temple. No one knew that he was a Zen master. The congregation gathered and the first sermon was delivered. Everyone was thrilled; it was just beautiful. No one had heard such a thing before. The next day an even greater crowd came to the temple, but the master repeated the same sermon. So they got bored - “What type of man is he?”

Then on the third day they came again, not in so great a number, but the master repeated the same sermon again. So many left just in the middle; only very few were left, and those few were there only to ask. “Have you got only one sermon? And are you going to deliver it every day?” One spokesman blurted out and asked the priest, “What type of preaching is this? Thrice we have heard you, and you go on repeating exactly the same thing, in exactly the same words. Don’t you have any other lectures, any other sermons?”

The priest said, “I have quite a few, but you have not done anything about the first one. Unless you do something about the first one, I am not going to deliver the second. It is unnecessary.”

The crowd stopped coming. No one would come near the temple, because the moment anyone would come, the Zen priest would start the first sermon. It is said that people stopped passing that way, that temple - “That priest is there, and if you happen to be there he will give you the same sermon again.”

He must have been a very deep knower of the human mind. The human mind wants to think but never wants to do anything - action is dangerous. Thinking is good, because you go on being the same. If you think about the far away, the distant, there is no need to change yourself. The Brahma, the absolute, cannot change you, but the neighbor, the friend, the wife, the husband - if you look at them, you will have to change yourself. And it is a trick not to look at them.

You look at the that to forget the this - and this is the life, and that is simply a dream. You can think about God, because that thinking is impotent; it is not going to do anything. You will continue thinking about God and you will remain the same. This is a trick to remain the same. If you think about your wife, if you think about your child, if you penetrate deep in the intimate near, you cannot remain the same - action will come out of it.

Tantra says, “Don’t go far away. He is here, this very moment, just near you. Be open, and look at the this, and the that will take care of itself.”

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