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Chapter 6: God Is the Original Sinner

What I am leading you to is the strange fact that the Red Indians who have been forced into jail, almost all of them are declared to have committing suicide. - although I know the American jails, I have been in five jails, and there is nothing that can help you to commit suicide. You cannot even wear your watch inside the cell. It is absolutely empty in the cell, there is not a rod that you can hit your head with, there is nothing. Absolute care has been taken so that the person cannot do anything as far as suicide is concerned.

But I understand why those people must have died. Either they have been killed or most probably they simply shrank. They died out of shrinking - life is useless; it was useless before, now it is even more useless. And they had been sentenced for thirty years, forty years, or for their whole lives. To live in this cell where there is no love, although they are given food, where there is nobody who accepts them as human beings - their dignity is taken.

My feeling is that a person can die from shrinking when there is nothing that he can commit suicide with. It is possible that the police and the jail officers think he has committed suicide. He has not committed suicide. You have forced him into a space where he is not needed, neither loved, neither respected - no pride. He shrinks. There is no meaning, no significance; why go on living in this slavery, in this indignity, humiliation?

The whole of humanity has shrunk because of the religions continuously teaching you to be against nature. And you cannot be against nature, so all that you can do is become a dual personality. On the front gate of the house you are a Christian, you are a Hindu, you are a Mohammedan, and you are showing a mask to the people, a false face. And from the backdoor you are natural. So you start feeling a struggle within your own heart.

This struggle is the root of how the priests can exploit you. Because you are feeling so miserable, you are in need of somebody wise to advise you, to give you some way of getting out of this anxiety. So first religions create anxiety, anguish, misery, suffering. And the way to create it is to make your mind be against nature. That is the simplest method. Just be against nature and you will be very sad, empty, not needed; you will lose your whole desire to be alive. Then naturally one wants some advice, and these priests have been bragging that they know the way to get out of misery - prayer: “God will take care of you if you believe in him.”

This is the whole strategy of all the religions. First create misery, anguish, guilt, and then people are bound to come to you, to the priests - because for centuries all the priests have been keeping their holy scriptures, which are not very holy at all, as their monopoly.

For example, only after the British empire came into existence in India were Hindu scriptures printed for the first time. And Hindus were very much against printing them, because once you print them they become available to everybody.

They had been keeping handwritten scriptures; particular families had the monopoly. It was passing from father to the son like a heritage, it was their property. And the public was never allowed to know what was in their holy scriptures, so they were the wise men.

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