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Chapter 26: The Circle Can Be Broken

You will be surprised to know that in India all the kings, before India became a slave country, were indebted to the rich people. From where are they going to get money? - just by borrowing. They can pay when they invade some other country; otherwise they have to borrow from the business people. And the business people are happy; they have all the material things, money.. Not only that, kings are borrowing from them, brahmins have to depend on them for everything - so let them believe that they are higher.but basically the business people hold the power, they have the money.

Against these three classes the poor fourth has no power to fight. They are deprived of all education, deprived even of living in the city; they have to live outside the town. They cannot take water from the city well - they have to make their own wells or carry water from the river. They are completely cut off from the society. They have just to come and serve, and do all the ugliest things that nobody else wants to do. And three powerful sections are there to go on repressing them; they have money, they have power, they have spiritual heights - they are the representatives of God.

For five thousand years they have maintained this - and they have made the fourth, the slaves, believe that they are born slaves because of their evil acts in the past life - this is the punishment. The brahmin is enjoying his position because of his good acts in the past life. And there is no mobility; one cannot move from one caste to another caste.

Since Manu, the priests in India have remained the most anti-revolutionary element - naturally, because they will lose their superiority. Kings come to touch their feet, the super-rich come to touch their feet - their ego is fulfilled. And the same is the story around the world - everywhere the priesthood has maintained its superiority. It is not so clear-cut as in India, but a subtle division is there. The priest is everywhere superior, the warrior is everywhere number two, and the rich man is everywhere number three. The fourth, the slave, the servant, is everywhere the same.

These priests go on preaching to every child a certain kind of mind that keeps the society running - or stuck. The politicians are in a deep conspiracy with the priests. The politicians are full of lust for power, and if they want power, they want blessings from the priests, because the priests have a spiritual hold over humanity. If a politician goes and touches the feet of a priest, the followers of the priest are going to vote for the politician. There is a conspiracy: the politician goes on praising the priest, his religion, his ideology, and the priests go on blessing the politician and his ideology. And between these two powerful groups the whole society is crushed, sucked.

I know everybody is responsible, but not everybody is powerful enough to break the circle; hence I am hitting constantly on the priests and the politicians. And now they have become afraid of me - perhaps they have never been afraid of a single man before. All over the world they don’t want me to enter into their countries. The priests are behind the politicians who are making rules and laws that I should be prohibited.

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