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Chapter 10: The Ostrich Argument

I understand Kaddafi. He is not a man to sit back. And he is not sitting back. He has a small country but he is not just a politician, he is a warrior. He would rather the country die than to allow the country to be enslaved. I praise him for being a pioneer. He has responded well. Now he is bombing American bases all over Europe. He has bombed in Spain; in other countries he is going to bomb - in Greece.wherever in Europe American bases exist, he is going to bomb them. And he will have the sympathy of all the downtrodden countries. He will rise as a world leader. Ronald Reagan may have the power, but he will not have any sympathy.

This imperialist government of Britain feels afraid of me. Just my overnight stay at the airport - I was not asking to enter their country - and against their own laws they refused me. They said it was not good for their public; my overnight stay would have destroyed their morality, their religion, all their cherished values!

There is something to understand clearly: I am against imperialism. I am against exploiting man, other human beings. I am against torturing people just so that you can have power. Perhaps they were afraid that overnight my sannyasins from all over England may gather.just one night may be enough to give them a fresh insight, a new life to go against all traditional values.

And it is a conspiracy. Not only Britain is responsible for it. All those who are living and thriving on traditional values are really afraid of a man who has no power except that he can show people that their misery is caused by their own wrong ideas, and that those wrong ideas are being emphasized by their government, by their church.

There is a conspiracy. All the European governments are agreeing on the point that I cannot land at their airports. They do not understand that this is defeatism, that they have already accepted defeat. They are showing that they have no arguments to save their religion, their morality, their politics, it is all rotten.

They are afraid that their youth will be on my side, not on their side. I can give an open challenge to any country: Let me speak to your young people, and you speak to the same young people, and let it be decided by the people who are going to own the future. These governments know perfectly well they cannot defend anything that they believe.

These efforts to prevent me are good signs; they are good news. It means they have accepted their defeat, otherwise what was the fear? - they could have allowed me to talk to people. They have their archbishops and popes and priests who could have demolished my arguments, and that would have been a cultured way, a human way. I am alone. They have millions of priests. But they don’t have a single argument for anything that they think is the basis of their society.

Yes, it is not conducive to their rotten society. It may ring the death bell. But they cannot prevent me. It is not me who is going to destroy the rottenness; it is the time itself which is not in favor of them. If not me, then somebody else will have to do it.

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