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Chapter 5: This Moment Is More than Enough

But from those few governments who have given the numbers of people who are suffering from AIDS, the total is ten million. And their doctors have said that by the end of this century, there will be one hundred million people suffering from AIDS. If ten million people are suffering from AIDS, then what do you think? How many people will be involved in homosexuality?

And when I had said for the first time that two thirds of humanity will die from AIDS, all the journalists laughed about it. Now the doctors are saying that at least seventy percent of people in some areas of the world could die from AIDS. That is a bigger percentage than I had predicted. My prediction was only two-thirds; that was sixty-six percent. They are talking now of seventy percent. But everybody is taking a very hopeful and optimistic attitude - and there are hundreds of other countries which are not exposing themselves, not reporting how many homosexuals they have and how many people are suffering from AIDS.

There may be no need of a nuclear war. AIDS may finish the whole humanity. But I was prevented from entering Holland because I have spoken against homosexuality - as if homosexuality is also a religion. Now, religious feelings are hurt; I have been sued again and again in courts because I have been hurting people’s religious feelings. Soon, I think homosexuals will be suing me through the courts. People who are suffering from AIDS will be suing me through the courts, saying that “This man is hurting our feelings.” So rather than saying simple facts and data, I try to indicate through my jokes, the reality. Don’t take my jokes non-seriously!

You can take everything else that I say non-seriously, but not my jokes. They contain something which cannot be said directly. It will hurt you.

Just the other day, American Catholic priests have come up with an idea. I was telling you that Mohammedans in Russia are calling their fast “dieting” because fasting is against the communist government. And fasting is a religious thing so they have changed it to “dieting.” They are calling their prayers, “physical exercises.”

But this is nothing compared to what the American Catholic priests have come up with: they have declared that “Celibacy does not prevent us from homosexuality - celibacy includes the idea that we should remain unmarried.” That is the meaning of celibacy according to their spokesman: “Celibacy means that we will remain unmarried. At the most, celibacy means we will not make sexual contacts with women, but there is no idea that celibacy prevents monks and priests from homosexuality.”

These are your religious leaders! And on these religious leaders you have depended for centuries, to guide you to spirituality.

Everywhere Catholic priests have been caught abusing small children. Homosexuality is rampant. In one monastery in Europe, half the monastery is homosexual, so they have divided the monastery in two parts. They have raised a wall: the homosexuals are separate, and those who are backward and don’t understand human freedom.homosexuality is part of human freedom.

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