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Chapter 3: The Atomic Moment

Master Lu-tsu said:
Only the primal spirit and the true nature overcome time and space.

The primal spirit is beyond the polar differences. Here is the place whence heaven and Earth derive their being. When students understand how to grasp the primal spirit they overcome the polar opposites of light and darkness and tarry no longer in the three worlds. But only he who has envisioned human nature’s original face is able to do this.

When men are set free from the womb, the primal spirit dwells in the square inch, but the conscious spirit dwells below in the heart. This heart is dependent on the outside world. If a man does not eat for one day even, it feels extremely uncomfortable. If it hears something terrifying it throbs; if it hears something enraging it stops; if it is faced with death it becomes sad; if it sees something beautiful it is dazzled. But the heavenly heart in the head, when would it have moved in the least? Dost thou ask: “Can the heavenly heart not move?” Then I answer: How could the true thought in the square inch move!

The lower heart moves like a strong, powerful commander who despises the heavenly ruler because of his weakness, and has usurped the leadership in affairs of state. But when the primal castle can be fortified and defended, then it is as if a strong and wise ruler sat upon the throne. The eyes start the light circulating like two ministers at the right and left who support the ruler with all their might. When rule in the center is thus in order, all those rebellious heroes will present themselves with lances reversed, ready to take orders.

The way to the Elixir of Life knows as supreme magic seed-water, spirit-fire, and thought-earth: these three. What is seed-water? It is the true, one energy, eros. Spirit-fire is the light, logos. Thought-earth is intuition.

One day, a king called his clever jester and gave him a staff in front of all the court saying, “Take this staff as a wand of office and keep it till you find a greater fool than yourself. If you find one, give this wand to him.”

Some time later, the king was sick and lay dying. He wanted to see his jester, of whose truthfulness he was sure. When the jester came the king said to him, “I have called you to tell you that I am going on a long journey.”

“Where are you going?” asked the jester.

“To a faraway country - to another world.”

“My master, have you made provision for your journey and your stay there?”

“None whatever, my little fool.”

“Have you any friends to welcome you there?”

“No one!” replied the king.

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