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Chapter 15: From Zero Learning to Learning Zero

The first question:

You have never chosen to answer even one of my many questions for discourse, and yet you have answered them all, sometimes by your words.sometimes in the tone, texture and rhythm of your song.and sometimes just in the way the moments unfold while being near you. There are no words for my gratitude, just the throbbing of my heart, like a newborn bird.

Prem Atta,

I had not chosen your questions deliberately. I know you can understand my silence; words would only be a disturbance. You can understand my heart. There is no need for any language to exist between me and you.

I was thinking continuously that you must be worried about why I am not answering your questions. And all your questions were significant, worth answering, but still I had not answered them. I was waiting for your response; that has come today. You understood my silence, you understood my not answering you. I am tremendously happy.

Each of my sannyasins slowly, slowly has to learn just to understand the language of my presence, just to understand love, just to understand being with me - that’s enough. Anything said makes a distance, creates a distance. Nothing said, and all distance disappears.

Two hearts can become one if they are able to drop language, because dropping language means dropping the mind itself. Mind is language and nothing else. The moment there is no language, there is no thought. When there is no thought there is no mind. And that utter silence that pervades in those moments, that primal silence that descends and permeates you in those moments, is what God is all about. To feel that primal silence is to know God.

God is not a person, God is not a principle, God is not a theory. God is the experience of primal silence, wordless, mindless consciousness.

I have given you the name Prem Atta. Prem means love, atta means self - one whose very self is love, not love as a relationship but love as a state of being. Love cannot be expressed. It can be understood but it cannot be said; it can be shown but it cannot be said. And I have been showing you the answer, and I am happy, tremendously happy, that you have heard it. You are blessed.

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