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Chapter 6: Don’t Take Enlightenment Seriously

In the first place, you can’t sit silently - so much turmoil is inside. Yes, from the outside you can manage to sit just like the Buddha, a marble statue, still, but deep down are you still? The body can learn the trick of being still, but the mind is not so easily overcome. In fact, the more you force the body to be still, the more the mind rebels against it, the more the mind will try to pull you out of your so-called stillness. It takes the challenge and explodes on you with a vengeance, and all kinds of thoughts, desires, fantasies, erupt.

Sometimes one wonders where all these things go when you don’t meditate. The moment you sit for a few moments’ silence, all kinds of nonsense things start floating in your head, as if they were just waiting; when you sit for meditation they will come.

It was not so in the past. The primitive man was simple, the primitive man never needed anything like a Primal Therapy group. He was already primitive! You have become so civilized that first your civilization has to be taken out of you. That is the function of Primal Therapy: it makes you again primitive, it brings you to the point of innocence. No primitive man ever needed anything like Encounter; his whole life was an encounter!

But now, when you want to hit, you say hello and when you want to kill, you smile. And not only is the other deceived, you also believe that your smile is true. And people are so polite that they tolerate you, they accept you, they don’t look at what you are doing. If you don’t interfere with them they leave you alone. Everybody is living a double life: the social life, which is formal, and the private life which is just the opposite.

You will need some processes in which you are brought to your authentic self so your duality is dropped, so that you can for the first time see who you are. Your morality, your so-called religions, they all teach you a kind of duality, they all make you pseudo. They talk about truth, but that is mere talk. They don’t make you true, they make you polished, polite, civilized. They teach you how to be formally good. They give you a beautiful surface and they don’t take any care of your inner being which is your real you. And you tend to forget your real you.

Enlightenment is seeing your real being. And you have become so accustomed and attached to the unreal. You have to be hammered back into your reality.

I have devised dynamic, chaotic methods just to give you again a glimpse of your pure childhood when you were as yet uncontaminated, unpolluted, unpoisoned, unconditioned by the society; when you were as you were born, when you were natural. The society molds you into certain patterns. It destroys your freedom. It takes all other alternatives from you; it forces a certain alternative to you. It forces and pressures you in so many subtle ways that you have to choose it. Of course, it also gives you the idea that you are choosing it.

I have heard:

When Ford started manufacturing cars he had only one color, black. He would show his cars to the customers and he would say, “You can choose any color, provided it is black!”

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