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Chapter 2: Diamonds Regained

For a second, the rich man could not believe what was happening. Such a famous master! And then he suddenly realized what had happened. The master had gone with his diamonds! So he started shouting and running after the master. But in that village the master knew every street every nook and corner. And the rich man was running after him and shouting, “I have been robbed! My whole life’s treasure has been robbed! This is a thief. Catch hold of him. This is no longer a master. This is a fraud. This man is a cheat.” And he was shouting and running. But he could not get hold of the master because the master knew the streets of the town.

The whole town gathered. The whole town started collecting around the rich man and they said, “Don’t be worried.” But he said, “Why should I not be worried? I have been completely destroyed. All that I had was in the bag and that man has escaped with it.” And he was crying and he was as miserable as one can be.

Then the whole crowd and the rich man went in search and found the master sitting back under his tree with the bag in the place where the rich man had put it. And his horse was standing there. The rich man came and jumped on his bag. Holding the bag close to his heart he gave a great sigh of relief and he said, “Thank God!”

And the Sufi master said, “Are you happy or not? This is the key to happiness. Are you happy or not? Tell me.” And the man said, “Really, I have never been so happy!”

In a primitive society people are innocent. They are like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. They have not yet tasted the fruit of the tree of knowledge. A civilized person is Adam expelled. He has tasted the fruit of the tree of knowledge. He is no longer innocent, he is corrupted.

But Adam cannot become Christ. That is not possible. You first have to fall to rise, you have to lose to get. Adam prepares the way for Christ. By being expelled from innocence, a new possibility arises - he can re-enter again, he can re-enter the innocence. This second innocence - what Hindus call “second birth,” dwij - this second birth, this second innocence, is qualitatively different from the first. The first was ignorant innocence. It was not aware of itself. It was not luminous, it was dark. The second kind of innocence is luminous. A light burns in it. It is aware of itself. It is not only innocence, it is innocence plus awareness.

So in a way even this insane society does something beautiful to you - it takes away your bag of diamonds. It creates the possibility of being happy. If you are stuck in it then something has gone wrong, otherwise there is nothing wrong. Going away is part of coming back. Go as far away as possible and coming back will be as beautiful as can be. Go as distant from God as you can. The farther you go, the more ecstatic the coming back will be.

So in a primitive society enlightened people don’t exist. They exist only in an insane society. That is the first thing.

The second thing: even a primitive society is not really absolutely primitive. In fact, no society can be absolutely primitive. Society as such means that civilization has entered, even if it is primitive. It may be a primitive civilization, maybe it does not have cars and roads and airplanes - that does not matter. That does not make a society a society.

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