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Chapter 6: From Pseudo-Faith to Your Original Face

Now, for example, in India they break a coconut. The coconut is very similar to the skull of a man. It has a little beard, a mustache, two eyes, a little nose. In fact, in Hindi the skull is called khopri and the narial ‘a coconut’ is called khopra. The similarity is so much that both have the same name. Breaking a skull was the ritual originally, but now it would be criminal. They have found a good substitute, a coconut, but the idea is the same.

They think whatever makes them feel pleasure also makes their god feel pleasure in the same way. A naked, beautiful girl will be placed before the god, all kinds of foods will be prepared and placed before the god, and they will go into a mad dance: it is a way of pleasing the god.

God is displeased, that’s why rains are not coming. If he is pleased, rains will be coming - and rains, sooner or later, do come; then their ritual is proved valid, the rains have come. Once in a while it happens that rains don’t come at all. Then the god is really very badly displeased and needs more sacrifice, more ritual.

This is the lowest kind of religion - call it magic-religion - the belief that just by chanting a few words, doing a few actions, you can change the course of existence. It is simply stupid. Existence has no need of your sacrifices, existence has no need of your dances - and nothing reaches to existence. But the instinctive man, the primitive man, cannot do more than that. That is the limit of his understanding.

That primitive man has not died completely, even in so-called civilized people. You also think in the same logic. You don’t sacrifice somebody, but even civilized people, cultured, educated people, when they are in a difficulty, immediately their primitive man comes up. Your wife is sick and the doctors say, “All that we could do, we have done. Now only a miracle can save her.” Even the doctor is becoming primitive.

He is telling you, “Only a miracle, only something magical.. Medicine has failed, science had failed; whatever we could do, we have done. Now if she is saved it will be through the grace of God or the grace of a saint, so now you go to the temple, to the mosque, to the synagogue, to the church, or go to some priest or go to some sage.” The doctor has fallen into primitive religion.

And the man, of course, is absolutely willing to go anywhere, to do anything, because he wants to save his wife. This is not the time for him to think over philosophical matters - whether it is right or wrong, whether it is primitive or civilized, whether it is stupid or intelligent. This is not the time. He runs! He had never been to a saint but now he goes and falls at his feet and prays, “Save my wife!”

The primitive man is still within you because the unconscious is still within you. The primitive man disappears only with the disappearance of the unconscious. When your unconscious and conscious become one, your whole mind becomes consciousness; then there is no way to fall back to the primitive man. Otherwise, nine times more than the civilized man is the primitive man inside you. Any time your conscious mind starts failing, your intellect starts failing, you fall into the mumbo-jumbo of the primitive.

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