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Chapter 10: Not Answers, No Questions

Remember, catharsis can become your obsession. You can go on doing it, and then it can become a rut, a pattern. It is not to be made a pattern. Watch, when it is needed, go on watching. By and by you will become aware - it is a very subtle awareness because the phenomenon is very subtle - that now there is no energy: you scream but really the scream is not coming, you jump but you have to make effort. Then allow it to be dropped; don’t carry the boat.

At what point can catharsis be dropped? It drops itself. You simply remain alert and watch it. And when it wants to drop, don’t cling to it; let it be dropped.

The fifth question:

Why has man lost the capacity of sublimation since Patanjali’s time?

Because of too much repression. The mechanism has to be understood. Patanjali’s times were very primitive, natural, primordial; people were like children, innocent. Now, everybody is civilized, cultured. The child within you has been crushed, completely crushed. The civilization is like a monster: it goes on killing and murdering the child within you. All that is natural has been perverted; all that is natural has been condemned.

There are reasons for it. For example, every culture, every society, has to pass through many wars. If sex is not suppressed then an army cannot be created. A soldier has to suppress his sex; only then the same energy becomes the fighting energy. No country allows its soldiers to take their wives and girlfriends to the front - except America. And America will get defeated everywhere because then there is no built-up energy. A soldier needs frustrated energy. If he has the girlfriend or the wife with him he is satisfied. Why should he fight?

Have you watched? Whenever you suppress sex, more anger happens. Go and look at your monks, your so-called sadhus, and you will always find them angry. Anger is their style of life now because they have been suppressing sex. Suppress sex: then the energy has to be released from somewhere. If you close one door another door opens immediately - and the other door will be perverted. The first was natural. Close the second door, then the third door opens - the third will be even more perverted. And by the time you open the fourth, you will be in a madhouse.

All societies use sex energy; that’s why all societies are against sex. If everybody’s sex is fulfilled, happy, beautiful, who bothers to fight? You cannot send hippies to the war. The only reason is they are so happy, living their life so naturally that not only will they not go they demonstrate with placards - “Love, not war.” And they are right. If people are allowed to love, war will disappear from the world.

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