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Chapter 30: Does a Flower Need Religion?

It is not strange that Christian priests use black for their robes. Strange, they call those robes ‘habits.’ I used to wonder: habit, for a robe? Then slowly I understood that really it is a habit, an idiotic habit. It is not a robe - they are not wearing clothes - they are habits, conditionings. That black, to them, is the color of mourning too. Why should the Christian priest be in the color of mourning? That’s what he wants you all to be, continuously in mourning. That’s what he calls “saving people from sin.”

Sin is really colorful. In the world of sin the color black does not exist.very alive colors, smiling, laughing, roaring.

The pagan lives without any principles.

To live according to principles is not to live. To live according to principles means you have to cut much of your living according to the principle - the principle is more important than your life itself. You have to sacrifice your life to the principle; you cannot sacrifice the principle to your life.

The pagan has nothing higher than his life.

Christians have condemned pagans; they had to condemn them because either the pagan can exist in the world, or millions of Christians - and they have destroyed the pagans almost completely. Now there are very few pagans in the world. They too have to live a double life. Just on the surface they have to show they are Christians, they are Hindus, they are Mohammedans; and underneath, underground, they have to live life as they would have loved to live it openly.

These Christians have made the whole of humanity schizophrenic. They have divided every man in two, one thing on the surface and just the opposite underneath. And the life you live underneath you cannot enjoy fully; in fact, you feel guilty about it, you know that you are deceiving God. You know you are going against religion, you know you are not following the holy scripture.

So even those who are living something true and natural, underground of course they are not living joyously; the guilt poisons everything.

You are asking me, “Does a pagan need religion?”

I am a pagan.

I do not need religion because I am religion.

The authentic pagan has no need of religion because, whatever religion can provide, he already has it.

Religion gives you only hopes; the pagan has all those hopes realized herenow. Religion tells you that somewhere in the future, in the kingdom of God, you will be happy, continuously playing on the harp and singing, “Alleluia, Alleluia!” But sometimes I think, “How long can you play on the harp?” And in heaven there is no other work, at least no religion says that there is any work; just be happy and go on singing alleluia.

Those saints, who must have been doing this for centuries - feel compassion for them.

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