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Chapter 3: The Seeds to the Flowers: Creating the Milieu

But revolutionaries are stubborn people. They forcibly cut off their handcuffs and the fetters, and set the people of the Bastille free. Those prisoners came out of the prison crying and saying, “Where are we to go? By now we have forgotten any names and addresses; by now we have forgotten even those people who once knew us. Perhaps they may not even be alive anymore - our wives, our children. What has happened to them? Where did they go? We have no idea at all. There will be no shelter to sleep under, no food to eat, no bedding to use - a forced revolution!”

One thing is very difficult in this world; a forced revolution is a very difficult thing. Revolution is a flower. Either it flowers within you or it doesn’t, but no one can force it to flower.

By the evening almost half of the prisoners had come back to the prison. They said, “We remained hungry the whole day. Nobody was ready to give us a job, we are no longer capable of working, and neither did we receive any human respect. And the biggest problem is that those chains that were put on our hands forever, those fetters that were put on our legs forever - thirty years ago, forty years ago, fifty years ago - now we cannot fall asleep without them. Their weight has become associated with our sleep. Forgive us, and allow us to go back to our dark cells. We don’t like this light outside.”

You are asking, “Which country is the best and which is the worst?”

Countries don’t exist. “Country” is a lie, “nation” is man’s invention. The reality is man. This country has touched the highest peaks in Gautam Buddha, in the seers of the Upanishads, in Mahavira, in Adinatha. That, too, is India. Actually the whole of India should be that. And then there is another India: of the politicians, of the thieves; of the black-marketeers. There is an India within India.

So the question is not which country is the best and which country is the worst. The question is in which country the maximum number of good people live and in which country the maximum number of bad people live. In India both are present.

So with one hand I want very much to raise the flag of India’s glory, but with the other I also want to crush it.

I do not consider India a singular unit. Hence, for me the question is meaningless. It depends on you.

I have been around the whole world. Good people are everywhere and bad people are everywhere, but everywhere the bad people are in power and the good people are powerless. Goodness has a weakness: goodness is not aggressive, goodness is not violent. Badness is aggressive, violent. Badness dominates and goodness doesn’t get a chance.

The second specialty of goodness is it has no desire for recognition. Goodness is in itself such a pleasant experience that nothing more is needed, nor anything can be added to it.

Badness is ambitious. So, if you want to see the bad people - politics is the place to look. And if you want to see the good people - then look for the peaceful, silent and meditating people.

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