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Chapter 7: Seek Out the Way

Bear in mind that whatever you choose, even if it is hell, will turn out to be a heaven. And even if heaven has been forced upon you, it will turn out to be a hell. Hell is in the enforcement. If something has been thrust upon you from outside, even if it is bliss, it will be a suffering. Forcing causes suffering, and whatever is forced upon you becomes a prison.

So on the earth today there is no real Hindu, there is no real Mohammedan, no real Buddhist: today only prisoners exist. Someone is in a Hindu prison, someone is in a Mohammedan prison, someone is in a Jaina prison.

I call it a prison because you have never thought about whether you wanted to be a Hindu, a Mohammedan, or a Jaina. You did not choose. Your religion is your slavery but the slavery is so subtle that you are not even aware of it, because it was instilled in you when you were not conscious enough. When you were not yet aware of what was happening, this slavery, this chain was put around your wrists. By the time you became conscious you found your hands chained. And it was not called a chain either. Your parents, your family, your society told you that it was an ornament that needed to be carefully guarded, so that no one could destroy it. This was an ornament, and a very valuable one, and for its sake you would stake your life.

And a very interesting thing has happened. If the Hindu religion is in danger you will give your life for it. For the Hindu religion, for Christianity or for Islam.you can die for the sake of whatever your religion is, but you are not ready to live for it. If you are asked to live your life as a real Hindu, you will not be ready. If you are asked to live your life as a real Mohammedan, you will not be ready. But if there is a riot between the two, you are willing to die! The man who is willing to die for Hinduism is not willing to live for Hinduism. What has gone wrong?

There is a disease somewhere, there is a sickness somewhere. You have no zest for life at all. You are very eager to fight: when someone attacks your religion you lose your senses - a part of your unconsciousness is being attacked.

Whenever Hindus and Mohammedans are fighting, don’t think that they are aware of what they are doing. They are fighting in a state of unconsciousness. In that state of being they are Hindus or Mohammedans, but they are not conscious. That’s why if anyone hurts their unconscious mind, they just go mad. Hindus and Mohammedans are not fighting: it is mad people who are fighting. Some mad people are branded Hindu, some Mohammedan - there is a difference in brands, but they are all mad.

Religion is instilled in you when you are not capable of logical thinking. That is why I say that this is the greatest of sins. And while this sin continues, as long as we do not allow the freedom to each and every person to find his own way, the world can never become religious. Because each person needs to make the decision to be religious for himself, because for religiousness to happen, it needs to be each individual’s own choosing.

It will be easier if we understand it like this.

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