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Chapter 7: Difficult and Easy

He goes on shaving but irritated, he is not enjoying the act, the freshness of it, the beautiful moment when one feels unburdened, no, he is not in an enjoying mood. Unconscious, he lets the razor slip from his hand, fall to the floor. Now he is even more angry. If he can deal with it right now he will laugh. It is foolish to be angry because a razor is not a being; a razor is never responsible for anything; how can you be angry at a razor? But now he is more irritated. His hands are moving now more foolishly, unconsciously; it again slips, strikes the old ancient antique mirror which he loves very much; the mirror is broken.

Now he is no more sane. He comes out, bumps against the furniture, slams the door, slaps the child because he has not done his homework, starts arguing, becomes quarrelsome with his wife - and only for a small thing which was nothing! Because the slippers were not found in the right place.

Now our so-called genius takes his car and goes to the office, but never reaches it because there is an accident. It was always going to be so. And just because of the slippers, because they were not found in the right place.

Now he drives like a maniac, his whole anger moves to his feet; he goes on pressing the accelerator, he is a drunkard! Drunk with his anger. There is an accident. After twelve hours or fifteen hours, when he opens his eyes, he is in hospital. And he will never be able to connect the whole thing.

And the story can go on and on - he falls in love with the nurse - and you can go on! Just because the slippers were not found in the right place! The whole family disturbed, divorce; and the whole world will not be the same again - just because his slippers were not found in the right place.

Deal with things moment to moment, don’t let them pile up within you. Don’t accumulate. Life is really beautiful. It becomes ugly. It is not a problem. Every problem is so small that it is foolish to call life a problem. It is not a problem for the trees, it is not a problem for the birds, it is not a problem for the earth, for the sky, it is only a problem for man, because only man has learned a trick - the trick of postponement. Then small things become bigger. Then a moment comes when you cannot cope with them. Then you become so small and the problem is so big, it is almost impossible to cope with it, then you always carry its burden on your head. And with that much burden, how can you enjoy? how can you delight? how can you celebrate? how can you dance?

And then somebody says, “There is a God.” You hear the words but you cannot believe. Maybe there is a devil who is running the whole world, but not a God. Your whole life has become so crippled, so paralyzed, so burdensome, you would like to commit suicide. It is rare to find a man who has not contemplated some time or other committing suicide.

Psychoanalysts say that each man, each woman, in the long run of life thinks almost ten times of committing suicide. You don’t commit it because you are cowards. There is nothing in it to take credit for, that you don’t commit it. You contemplate it - that’s enough! That means life has become so unlivable that rather than being dragged more and more into it, you would like to drop it; you would like to become a drop-out.

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