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Chapter 10: Use That Clarity

To accept is to be powerful. To accept is to be religious. To accept without any judgment, any condition, is to move into a totally different dimension - call it divine, or whatsoever. And that possibility is always just around the corner; any moment that you drop your problems it is available.

I go on answering your questions, your problems, and I go on solving them knowing well that you have none. You can ask me then why do I go on answering you? I can simply say that this is useless. But then you won’t be able to understand.

You give me a problem, I give you a solution. You ask me a question, I give you the answer. I become part of the game. If you are interested in playing the game, I will play. By and by you will become aware of what you are doing. And remember, it is only your time that is wasted, not mine, because now I have nothing to attain; so nothing is wasted, only your time. Once you understand this then you drop the problems, then you start enjoying and celebrating. Rather than thinking, dance; rather than thinking, sing; rather than thinking, go for a long walk, swim in the river.

Existence is available in so many ways; only through thinking it is not available, because thinking is a way to avoid it.

Try to live the insight, and don’t be frightened. I know fear arises, tremendous fear arises. I know how difficult it is to be without problems. I have passed through it.

I was very afraid this morning, so I had a headache - and that was the problem.

That is a problem you can create. You can create a thousand and one things. When you have a problem, life is not a problem - you can keep yourself busy. But this whole busy-ness is without business. See it through and through, and in that very seeing, the knot is cut.