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Chapter 7: Empty from Birth to Death

On the way towards the principal’s office he said, “You don’t feel afraid?”

I said, “Why should I feel afraid? You should feel afraid! Because I know all the students; their problem is love, and your problem is love. And I am going to tell the principal, ‘If you don’t believe me, just call this professor’s wife, and you will know what I mean by problem.’”

He said, “You are making it too complex.”

I said, “I am making it absolutely simple, factual. I can bring all the students to the office; they all have problems of love. Somebody is chasing a woman, and is not getting her - that’s his problem. Somebody has got her - and that is his problem.”

He said, “It is better you should come back; there is no need.”

I said, “I never go back from anywhere. If you are not coming, I am going alone.”

He said, “When I am saying there is no need..”

I said, “It may not be a need for you; it is a need for me. I have to decide it finally, because to me love is a religious phenomenon, while God is not. God is only a hypothesis. It means nothing, because there is nothing corresponding to it.

“And love is a religious phenomenon. Unless it is understood in its totality, a man is bound to become miserable by something which could have made his life divine. The same thing which could have been his heaven is going to become hell because he has no understanding. And it is certainly an art. Who cares about God? So you start talking sense. We have come here to understand religion, not nonsense.”

“But,” he said, “in the whole syllabus there is no mention of love, freedom, individuality, silence.we have to complete the syllabus.”

Universities are completing their syllabuses without bothering about the real life of man, his real problems.

Because I am talking about simple things, many people simply feel that this is not what religion has to be. They have got an idea of religion, of complicated abstract hypotheses. You can go on thinking about them but it makes no difference to your life, you remain the same. You may be a Hindu, or a Mohammedan, or a Christian it does not matter; your real problems are the same. Your unreal problems are different, but those unreal problems are nothing but a burden to the mind.

It is possible to understand me if you can just put aside your mind and its complicated mechanism. It is not needed, because my work is heart-to-heart. I am speaking from my heart. I am not a theoretician, I am not speaking from my mind. I am pouring my heart to you, but if you are going to listen from the mind you are going to miss it.

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