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Chapter 16: Rising in Love: A Partnership in Meditation

There will be a little fear. It is said that even before a river falls into the ocean, it trembles with fear. It looks back at the whole journey, the peaks of the mountains, the long winding path through the forests, through the people, and it sees in front of it such a vast ocean that entering into it is nothing but disappearing forever. But there is no other way. The river cannot go back. Neither can you go back. Going back is impossible in existence; you can only go forward. The river has to take the risk and go into the ocean. And only when it enters the ocean will the fear disappear because only then will the river know that it is not disappearing into the ocean; rather, it is becoming the ocean. It is a disappearance from one side and it is a tremendous resurrection on the other side.

So don’t be worried. Things are happening perfectly right for you. You had not come in search of a master, but what to do? A master was in search of you. And now there is no going back. Even if you try to close your eyes, that sleep in which you were living cannot be recalled. And the vastness is not something to be afraid of. It is very friendly; it is very loving. Disappearing into it is almost like finding the womb and its warmth and its nourishment again.

Do you have any problem which you have not solved yet?

I don’t have any problem. I used to have problems, but I never solved them. My procedure is totally different. I dissolve the problem; I never solve it, because solving does not help. You solve a problem, and you will find that ten other problems have arisen out of your solution. I have been dissolving, I have been getting rid of - because no problem is significant. All problems are barriers between you and existence.

Now I have only mysteries - no problems, no questions. In that way I am a very poor man. No problem, no question; I am utterly silent. But silence has a richness that millions of problems cannot give to you. Silence has a richness that all the philosophies of the world and all the answers together cannot give you.

When I answer your questions, it is not that I have got an answer and I simply give it to you. I don’t have any answer. I simply listen to your question and let my silence respond to it; hence, you can find many contradictions in my answers. But I am not responsible, because I have never answered. It is the silence that goes on responding at different moments in different times to different people in different ways. Just as you listen to the answer, I also listen to it. There is no speaker here. Here, there are only listeners.

What is the last question we should ask you, Osho?

There is not even a first question, so the question about the last question does not arise. You should learn to be silent, to be at ease with me, to be in tune with me. In that silent harmony all is achieved: all the treasures that existence has been keeping safe for you, so that when you wake up you can claim your portion. And everybody’s portion of the treasure is infinite. It is not that because it is a portion, it will be limited.