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Chapter 6: Truth Knows No Fifty-Fifty

But problems are not letters, and life is not George Bernard Shaw. You cannot postpone. But people are postponing. They go on pushing them this way and that way, everywhere hiding them, thinking that some miracle.and things will settle down and problems will be solved. This is not going to happen. On the contrary, those problems will create their children. They will start finding boyfriends, girlfriends - two problems meeting together and a third problem is produced, and you will be in more difficulty.

It is better to go on facing each problem as it comes by.

It is not sannyas that has created your problems. Sannyas has simply given you a little more awareness. Your problems have always been there. Sannyas has given you the opportunity to solve them.

And one should enjoy solving one’s problems. It sharpens your intelligence. Each problem is a challenge. Each problem makes you more intelligent. And the day you do not have any problems, your mind will come to its utmost clarity - because no dust, no problem. Your mind becomes a mirror, so pure that it reflects reality.

Yes, it is my work. But don’t think that I am creating your problems. I am just giving you insight, awareness, silence, so that you can see your problems and solve them.