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Chapter 7: The Time Is Short

These people who condemn you because you have become a participant with a man who is against the whole past of man, just forgive them. They do not know that they are being foolish. Rather than wasting their energy in condemnation and criticism, they should come closer to you, know you better, feel you deeper; because if this ecstasy is possible to you, it is possible to them also. Howsoever late, it is still possible.

There is a proverb in India: if you get lost in the morning but somehow manage to come back home by the evening, you are not lost. These people you are surrounded by are coming closer and closer to evening, but they are still far away from home. And if they could not find home in the sunlight, it cannot be conceived that they can find home when the sun has set and the darkness of night covers the earth.

That darkness is not far away, its name is the Third World War. Every moment we are coming closer to it. That is going to be the night, unending, perhaps forever and forever. It is going to destroy all that is living and all possibility for life to exist on this planet. It has happened on other planets: it is now a recognized scientific fact that there are planets which give indications that some day life had existed there. How it disappeared nobody knows, but soon we will know how it disappears.

But there is still time- even if the sun is setting, there is still time. Those people - if they are intelligent - will come and try to mix with you, so that they can understand where they got lost, where they missed the right path.

So remember, those who are intelligent are going to become participants in this caravan. Those who are retarded will criticize you, condemn you. Ignore them, they are already stepping into their graves, soon they will disappear. They don’t have any vision for the future, they don’t have any solution for the problems that the past has created.

Every day more and more problems are being created by their past, and not a single solution. We don’t have any problems from the past, any hang-ups, and we can see clearly that all their problems can be solved. But they are blind and deaf; they cannot listen, they cannot see. Perhaps they don’t want to see, they don’t want to listen because that will make them feel more inferior. They want to continue to feel that they are superior beings, that the problems are bad, the problems are insoluble, but they are doing their best. If the problems still remain, what can they do?

I want to say to you that those problems are their creations. With one hand they go on creating the problem, with the other they go on trying to solve it. Their right hand knows not what their left hand is doing. I have not come across a single problem which cannot be solved right now. But they have their vested interests - and if the problem is solved, then what will happen to their vested interests?

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