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Chapter 2: Towards the Birth of a New Man

My views may be different or in opposition to the educational scriptures. I am neither an educationist nor a sociologist. That is, however, fortunate for me, because the more one knows the scriptures, the more difficult it becomes to know life. Scriptures are always an obstacle in knowing the truth. In a mind full of scriptures, contemplation ceases to be. Is not an unburdened, fair, unbiased mind necessary for contemplation? Scriptures and principles create sides. Then it is not possible to have an unbiased and innocent view about life and its problems.

For those to whom scriptures are more important, solutions become more important than the problems. Such a man starts viewing the problems in the context of his solutions, instead of looking for solutions in the context of the problems. It creates such an idiotic situation, where problems do not get solved but increase. The whole history of man is its evidence.

Why is man’s thinking and doing so different and contradictory? It is the result of solutions based on the scriptures, and principles being imposed on life. Solutions have not come out of problems, they have been imposed on problems. Solutions are on the outside, and problems are inside. Solutions are in the intellect, problems pertain to life. This inner conflict has become suicidal.

This insanity that has been going on within the civilization has now reached an explosive state. The whole human race is fear-stricken by this potential explosion. But what can you achieve by being fearful? What is needed is not to be fearful, but to understand and recognize the whole situation with courage.

I will not bring scriptures in between, because I do not want to be blinded by solutions. I would like to draw your attention to the facts which can be seen only by looking directly at the problems. Is it not possible to see life directly? Is it not possible that we see life directly as the first man would have seen it? Can our mind not see life simply, naturally, and freely?

I consider this to be the most basic problem confronting education. It is not good if education makes the mind of a person burdened, complicated and old. A burdened and old mind deprives a person of the knowledge, joy and beauty of life. For experiencing the knowledge, joy and beauty of life, a young mind is required. The body is bound to become old, but not the mind; mind can always remain young. The mind can remain young till the very last moment of death, and only such a mind can know the mysteries of life and death. Only such a mind is a religious mind.

But the present education makes the mind old. It does not awaken the mind but fills it, and so it becomes old. By being filled with all sorts of thoughts, the mind becomes old, burdened and tired. Feeding thoughts means feeding the memory. It does not spark thinking or intelligence. Memory is not intelligence. Memory is mechanical. Intelligence is consciousness.

Thoughts are not to be given to you but to be awakened in you. Where thinking is awakened, the mind is always young. Where the mind is young, life is a constant challenge. There the doors of consciousness are, and the fresh morning breeze comes in, the light of the rising sun comes in. When a person becomes imprisoned by the thoughts and words of others, his own ability to fly in the sky of truth is destroyed.

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