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Chapter 8: Compassion, Love and Sex

Miracles happened. He was therapeutic. He was one of the greatest healers the world has ever known. Buddha, or Mahavira, or Krishna - they are all great healers, on different levels. Yes, you cannot find in Buddha’s life any miracle of healing an ill person, or healing a blind man, or bringing a dead person to life. You will be surprised: Was Jesus’ compassion more than Buddha’s? What happened? Why were many people not healed through Buddha’s energy? No. It is not a question of more or less. Buddha’s compassion functioned on a different level. He had a different type of audience and a different type of people around him from Jesus.

It always happens - almost always - I go on watching: continuously a stream of people comes to me from the West; they never ask anything about their bodies. They don’t come to me and say: “I have a constant headache. Osho, help me, do something!”; or “my eyes are weak”; or “my concentration is not good”; or “my memory is being lost” - no, never. But Indians come and always bring something of the physical they bring. Mm? They have had an upset stomach for many years - “Osho, do something!”

Almost always I feel: Why? What has happened to India? Why do these people come only for some bodily, physical problems? They have only those problems. A poor country, a very poor country, has no spiritual problems. A rich country has spiritual problems; a poor country has physical problems.

Buddha’s time in India was the golden age. That was the time for India at its peak. The country was rich, tremendously rich, affluent. The whole world was poor, and India was very rich. The people coming to Buddha were bringing spiritual problems. Yes, they were also bringing wounds, but they were spiritual wounds.

Jesus moved in a very poor country, lived in a very poor country. The people who were coming to him had no spiritual problems, in fact, because to have a spiritual problem you have to attain to a certain standard of living. Otherwise, your problems go on being of the lower levels. A poor man has a problem.

Just a few days before, one of my relatives was here. For one month he was here, meditating, doing things. And then on the last day I was hoping he would ask something meaningful. What did he ask? He said that his son is not doing well. Living one month here, listening to me for one month, this was the only question that came to his mind: his son is not doing well. He drives a taxi, and they have purchased such a car that every day there is some problem or other - “Osho, do something!” I am not a car mechanic! So I told him, “Sell that car!” He said, “Nobody will purchase it, so do something!”

When people are poor, their problems are of the world. When people are rich, their problems are of a higher quality. Only an affluent country can be really spiritual; a poor country cannot be. I am not saying that a poor man cannot be - yes, a poor man can be, exceptions are there - but a poor country cannot be. A poor country, on the whole, thinks in terms of money, medicine, house, car, this and that. And it is natural, it is logical.

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