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Chapter 6: The Great Teaching

When you are fast asleep and somebody tries to wake you up, is it a gradual process or a sudden thing? Even in ordinary sleep, is it a gradual process? Is it like this: that first you become a little awake, then a little more, and then a little more; ten percent, twenty percent, thirty percent, fifty percent; does it happen that way? No. You are awake or you are asleep; there are no gradual steps in it. If you have heard the man who is calling your name, you are awake, not ten percent awake. Eyes may be closed, but if you have become aware that somebody is calling you, then you are already awake.

It is not a gradual process; it is a sudden jump. At one hundred degrees, the water jumps and becomes vapor. Is there any gradual transformation? Does the water first become ten percent, twenty percent, thirty percent? No, it is either water or it is vapor; there is no middle ground to be divided.

When a person dies, is he dead by and by, in a gradual process? Can you say that he is half-alive and half-dead? What will it mean? How can a person be half-alive? Either he is dead or he is not dead. Half alive means he is not dead.

When you love a person, do you love ten percent, twenty percent, thirty percent? Either you love or you don’t love. Is there any possibility of dividing your love? There is no possibility.

Love, life, death, they all happen suddenly.

When a child is born, he is either born or not born. And the same is true about enlightenment, because that is the ultimate birth, ultimate death, ultimate life, ultimate love - everything comes to its ultimate peak in enlightenment. It is a sudden thing.

Tantra says: Don’t focus your attention on the acts; focus your attention on the person who has done the acts. Yoga focuses on the acts. Tantra focuses on the person, on the consciousness, on you.

If you are ignorant, Tantra says you are bound to commit sin. Even if you try to be virtuous, your virtue will be a sort of sin, because how can an ignorant man, fast asleep, be virtuous? How can virtue arise out of ignorance, unconsciousness? Impossible! Your virtue must be just a mask; behind it will be the real face, the real face of sin.

You may talk about love, but you cannot love - you will hate. You can talk about compassion, but compassion must be just a covering of your anger, greed, jealousy. Your love is poisonous. Deep inside your love is the worm of hate, eating it continuously. Your love is like a wound; it hurts. It is not like a flower, it cannot be. And those who expect love from you are fools; they are asking the impossible. Those who ask morality of you are fools, they are asking the impossible. Your morality is bound to be a sort of immorality.

Look at your moral persons, your so-called saints. Watch and observe them and you will find their faces are just the faces of hypocrisy, deception. They say something; they do something else. They do something, and they not only hide it from you - they have become so clever in hiding, they hide it from themselves.

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