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Chapter 8: There Is Nothing More Pure than Sex

The first question:

In the Fischer-Hoffman Process one discovers within himself a guide. My guide is direct, open, takes no bullshit, no ambiguity. She tells me not to take sannyas.
My question: Are there some people who should not or need not take sannyas? Is there some stigma attached to those who don’t? I feel there is nothing in me that contradicts anything in you yet I feel I cannot or need not or should not become your sannyasin.

The question is from Richard Lee.

My answer is, Richard Lee, don’t be cowardly!

Mind is very cunning, very rationalizing. It can find ways to protect itself; it is very defensive. Sannyas is a death to the mind. The mind will do everything to prevent you from taking the jump. And if you wait for cooperation from the mind you wait forever. The mind never cooperates.

The decision to take sannyas never comes from the mind, the decision to take sannyas comes from somewhere else, from somewhere deeper or higher. It comes from the guts, from your being. It is not a mind phenomenon. You cannot take sannyas through a decision, through the mind. If you take it that way you will miss it. Even if you have taken it, you will miss it. Mind has to be dropped. And when I say mind has to be dropped I mean in toto.

The Fischer-Hoffman Process can’t be of much help to you here. The Process is good, goes so far, is helpful, but here you are creating a hindrance through the Process. So first let me tell you what the Process exactly is and how far it can be helpful. There comes a moment when it can become very destructive, very inhibiting.

The Fischer-Hoffman Process remains confined to the conscious mind. The mind has three layers. That which is known to us is the conscious mind. There are two layers one below it, one above it - which are not known to us. Below it is the unconscious, above it is the superconscious. The conscious mind is a very small figment of the totality but it is conscious so it can pretend to be the master. The conscious mind is divided into two parts as the other two minds are also divided into two parts - because to exist everything needs to have two parts to it: the male and the female, yin and yang, day and night. To exist at all everything has to exist through paradox, through the opposite. But the opposite is not really the opposite, the opposite is the complementary.

So first remember there are three minds and all the three are divided into two minds. So in all you have six minds.

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