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Chapter 3: The Fire of Awareness

Now you can feel the process: just breath coming in, going out; life coming into the body, life going out of the body, life coming into the body, life going out of the body. And Mahavira would be aware of this process. He would take food, he would be back in the body, so to speak, and then he would fast again. This he was doing continuously for twelve years. This was an inner process.

So I discussed three things: breath, sex, hunger - very primary, very basic, foundational things. Be conscious of any one of them. Breath is the easiest. It will be difficult to use a tantra method. The mind would like to use it, but it will be difficult. It will be difficult to use the hunger method, the mind will not like it. These two are very difficult. Whether you like them or not, they are difficult. Only the breath process is simple.

And for the coming age, I think Buddha’s method will be very helpful. It is moderate, easy, not very dangerous. That’s why Buddha is known always as the originator of the middle path, majjhimnikaya, the golden mean. Sex and food, between these two, breath is the golden mean, the exact middle - the exact middle.

And with any method - there are many more - any method, you are established into the inner light. And once established, your light begins to flow to your body cells. Then your whole mechanism is refreshed: you have a buddha body, an enlightened body.