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Chapter 9: The Fall of the Idiots

You can create a dream in this way. Just try someday: your wife is sleeping, or your husband, or your child - just rub a cube of ice on the feet of the sleeping person. Do it just a little, not too much, otherwise he will be awakened - just a little and put it away. Immediately you will see the eyes under the lids are moving fast, what psychologists call REM, rapid eye movement. When the eyes are moving rapidly, a dream has started, because the person is seeing something, that’s why the eyes are moving so fast. Then, just in the middle of the dream, wake the person and ask what he saw. Either he would have seen that he is passing through a river which is very cold, ice cold, or he is walking on snow, or he has reached to the top of Gourishankar: he will dream something like this. You created a dream because you deceived the first idiot, you touched the feet with ice. Immediately the idiot started working; the second idiot was given the message, the third idiot decoded, the fourth, the drunkard - which is also asleep now - immediately started a dream.

You can create dreams; you create many times, unknowingly. Both your hands are on your chest and you are lying on your bed and you feel that somebody is sitting on your chest, a monster. When you open your eyes nobody is there - your own hands, or a pillow.

The same happens while you are awake. It makes no difference because the whole mechanism is the same; whether the eyes are open or closed makes not much difference because there can be no check on the process. Even if you want to check, you will have to go through the whole process itself. How can you check unless you can come out and see what is happening?

This possibility is the whole world of spirituality: that the final consciousness can come out. Drop the whole mechanism, look at the thing directly: “things” disappear. That’s why Hindus say this world is not real, and for the real knower it disappears. Not that rocks will not be there and trees will not be there - they will be there, even more so, but they will be no longer trees, no longer rocks; they will be beings. Your mind turns beings into things: your wife is a thing to be used; your husband is a thing to be possessed; your servant is a thing to be exploited; your boss is a thing to be deceived. The mind, because of this whole idiotic process, turns every being into a thing. When you come out of the mind and have a look under the open sky, suddenly there is nothing at all. “Thingness” disappears.

When thoughts drop, the second thing to drop is “the thing.” Suddenly the whole world is full of beings, beautiful beings, supreme beings, because they all participate in the ultimate being of existence. Definitions disappear - you cannot separate. All separation existed because of the mechanism. Suddenly you see a tree moving out of the earth, not separate; meeting with the sky, not separate; everything joined together, everybody is a member of everybody else. The whole world becomes a net of consciousnesses, millions and millions of consciousnesses, luminous, kindled from within, every house lighted. Bodies disappear because bodies belong to the world of things. Forms are there, but they are no longer material; they are forms of moving, dynamic energy, and they go on changing. That is what is happening.

You were a child, now you are young, now you are old. What is happening? You don’t have a fixed form. The form is continuously flowing and changing. A child is becoming a young man, the young man is becoming old, the old is moving into death.

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