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Chapter 15: Breakthrough.to Buddhahood

A young man came home from the medical college after attaining all his degrees. His father was a doctor and he had sent his son also to become a doctor. On his first day in the practice he saw an old woman whom he used to see coming to his father when he was a child. He could not believe that she was not yet cured.

He said to the father, “Now I am here, and you are old and must be tired. You rest. I will take care of the patients.”

And after three days he told his old father, “You will be surprised: the woman that you could not cure in thirty years, I have cured in three days!”

The father hit his head with his hand. He said, “You idiot! That woman has been providing money for your education! And you have cured her. She is so rich that she could have been able to provide for your other two brothers who are in college. And she is strong enough; she will not die, but we have to keep her just in the middle.”

The boy could not understand. The old man said, “First learn the basic rule: if a poor man comes to you, cure him quickly. And if a rich man comes to you, then take your time; go slowly.”

To avoid this situation in China, they have practiced for thousands of years a very different system. And I think that system should be the system for the future man too. In China the doctor is not paid for curing the patient, he is paid if his patient remains healthy. Every doctor has his patients and the patients pay him if they remain healthy. If they fall sick, then the payment to the doctor stops. Then he has to cure them at his own expense.

This looks strange, but in Russia also they have started the same process - they are experimenting on a small scale. But the process is tremendously significant. Everybody should be given to a certain doctor; a certain area should be given to him. If the people are healthy in that area, they have to pay the doctor; they pay for their health. But if they fall sick, then the doctor has to cure them from his own pocket. Naturally he will cure them quickly and he will not want anybody to be sick. Obviously China has been a healthier country than any other country in the world. They have changed the whole pattern.

The psychoanalyst should be paid only if the person who is his patient is becoming independent, alert, getting beyond the mind. But if he falls into the mind or below the mind, then the psychologist has to cure him from his own pocket. That will change the whole situation.

Awareness is your own power.

And to depend on your own power brings a great freedom and a great authority and a great integrity. The mind is cut from the roots; soon it withers away. And the space that mind was occupying is no longer occupied by anything; it is now pure space. That is your real, authentic being.

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