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Chapter 14: Session 14

Go on whispering.I’m not saying anything. Really I should not even have said that. That too is a kind of interruption. I should be more alert. But it is very difficult to be more alert than I am. More alertness does not exist at all, so what can I do? At the most I can ignore it. I have heard even your giggle.but please don’t freak out, freak in.

Seventh, one book that comes to me out of nowhere. I was not going to talk about it at all, but it is there. Don’t be afraid, and don’t freak out later on. This is a book written by Ludwig Wittgenstein - not really written as a book, but again as notes. It was posthumously published as Philosophical Investigations. It is really a penetrating study of all the profound problems of man. Of course, the woman is included; otherwise from where will the man find his profound problems? His real problem is the woman. Socrates is reported to have said: If you get married to a beautiful and good woman - which is rare - you will be fortunate.

This book Philosophical Investigations by Ludwig Wittgenstein - I have loved it, its clarity, transparency, its impeccable rationality. I loved it all and all, and I would like everyone on the path to go through it.not in the way people in the therapy groups grow and “go through it” - not in pain. That’s what many sannyasins think, that going through suffering is necessary; it is not, that is your choice. You can go through blessings, blissfulness.it’s up to you.

So I don’t mean “Go through it” in the same sense as the so-called humanist therapists mean. When I say, “Go through it,” I mean dance through it, love through it. I may be right literally, but grammatically I may be wrong. And of course I am wrong, because I can hear your giggle. Sorry, Devageet, because I can still hear.. But this is an interruption on my part - and I don’t want anybody to freak out, particularly people who are so close to me, and people who don’t know that today I am here, tomorrow I may not be.

Devageet, one day this chair will be empty and you will be crying and weeping that you freaked out. And I can stop at any moment; then you will regret it. You know it already, but you have forgotten. For seven years I have been speaking continuously, but one day - you are a witness to it - I can suddenly stop. I can stop at any moment, perhaps tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. So don’t be disturbed at all, and whatsoever I do, even if I irritate you and annoy you, it is for your sake, because I have nothing to gain out of it. I have nothing to gain in the whole world. I already have that which man longs for and lives thousands of lives for.

Eighth: The eighth is the book.. I can hear you crying Devageet, and it is good once in a while. And crying with your master.. My eyes are full of tears, and you are crying. There is some kind of communion happening. Hence for the eighth book I have chosen Assagioli’s Psychosynthesis.

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