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Chapter 3: The Fruits Are Ripe

America is too small a thing for me, we are trying to deprogram the whole world. I have my people around the world trying to deprogram every country, every religion, from all the conditionings that have been forced upon them.

And remember one thing: don’t get confused when I use the word deprogramming, because there are psychologists who are trying to deprogram people. They are not really deprogramming, they are re-programming. If a Christian moves out of the Christian fold, he is brought back forcibly to the deprogrammer, who reprograms him back into Christianity.

I am simply deprogramming and then leaving you alone to your own consciousness, your awareness, and to do whatsoever your insight allows you, your responsibility feels. It is you who have to be decisive about yourself. Neither the Bible, nor Koran, nor Gita; neither Jesus, nor Buddha, nor me - nobody is going to dominate and manipulate you like a puppet. A deprogrammed person is one who is no longer a puppet, who has declared his independence from the bogus God and his prophets, messiahs and incarnations.

We are already doing it. If you want to see how we are doing it, come to these people, be with these people, live with these people and you will understand it. There are things which can only be experienced. Don’t be afraid, because you will be deprogrammed; only through deprogramming you will know what it is and how it is done. You are welcome.

Jon Tuttle

KGW TV, Portland, Oregon, United States

As we understand, there are just two Rajneeshee communes left in the United States. Across the country we hear reports that both membership and donations are on the decline. It appears that to date America has looked at Rajneeshism and said, “No thank you.” Did you come to the wrong country at the wrong time?

Whenever I would have come, it would have been the wrong time. I cannot come at the right time - in spite of all the watches given to me, I either come before time or come after time. But this is the fate of a person like me.

The message that I am giving will always be misfitting the existing society. But I enjoy to be a misfit, it means I am still alive. Those who fit completely, comfortably, are just small parts in a big mechanism. I have belonged to no society, to no country, to no religion. I will always be a misfit even amongst Rajneeshees, because I am not a Rajneeshee. It is just their love and their tolerance that they allow me to be here. Otherwise I don’t follow anything of Rajneeshism.

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