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Chapter 8: Don’t Search for a Home, Search for Yourself

If the disappearing dreams leave you in gratitude, then the best is going to grow in you. I have never looked back.

Just the other day at evening darshan time a few people were very happy and enthusiastic, and they said, “Osho, we have come from Jabalpur.” And the only thing that came to my mind was that my time there has been left so far away and so far back that not even a memory has remained. Yes, I lived a dream there also, and just as all dreams fail, it failed.

And I have been doing that my whole life - I’m still doing that. I will go on doing that until my last breath, undefeated. That undefeatedness I find to be one’s victory. In that undefeatedness - that every time you make something, time changes it, life starts flowing in a different direction, things start happening that you had not expected..

The unknown is continuously entering your known world and disturbing it. But it disturbs only because you don’t welcome it. If you can welcome the unknown, and you can leave the known.. It is always the known that is disturbed by time - it is not the unknown. The unknown cannot be disturbed by time or by anything.

If you are ready to welcome the unknown, you know the secret of remaining victorious in all the defeats and all the failures.

Those dreams do not matter. What matters is how you come out of those broken dreams, those great expectations that have disappeared into thin air, you can’t even find their footprints.

How do you come out of it? If you come out of it unscratched, then you have known a great secret, you have found a master key. Then nothing can defeat you, then nothing can disturb you, then nothing can make you angry and nothing can pull you back. You are always marching into the unknown for new challenges. And all these challenges will go on sharpening the best in you.

What is home?

There is no home, there are only houses.

We try to make homes out of houses, but in fact, home is projection - there is only a house - it feels cold. We need a home: we want something cozy, something that belongs to us, something to which we belong. Something which is an extension of our being, something which we can make part of us; something which is not just a place where you live, but which becomes alive with you. A house is a dead thing; a home is a living entity, but it is a projection.

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