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Chapter 16: The Courage to Say “I Don’t Know”

Two friends were talking with each other about the dream they had last night. One man said, “Boy, what a beautiful dream.such big fish! In my whole life I have not been able to catch so many big fish. It was such a joy.the whole night, I was going in and in, inside the lake, and finding bigger and bigger fish.”

The other said, “This is nothing. You cannot even conceive what happened last night in my dream.” His friend said, “What happened?”

And the man said, “I am thinking if I should say it or not - because you will not believe it. Even when I am awake, I myself cannot believe it but it happened. Suddenly I found that in my bed, on one side is Sophia Loren. I said, ‘My God, how did she get in?’ and I turned to look at the other side and I found Marilyn Monroe. I said, ‘What is happening? Have I died and reached heaven?’”

By this time the other fellow had become very angry. He said, “You idiot, why did you not call me? When two women came.what were you doing with two women? One is enough for you. You could have chosen. It was your dream of course, so the first choice was for you. But the other woman belonged to me. What kind of friendship is this?”

And the other man said, “I went to your house but they said you had gone fishing.”

In a small dream you can do everything.possible, impossible, everything! The time scale is different. In the morning when you wake up, do you ask how it was possible that just by waking up, all the dreams have disappeared - so many dreams, such beautiful dreams.?

The same is the situation when a man becomes enlightened. All the millions of lives simply evaporate like dreams. It is not a question of fighting with each and every evil act separately - that you have to fight on, doing good, balancing the evil - then it will take millions of lives again before the time you can become awakened.

And meanwhile, in these millions of lives when you are trying to undo your past, you will still be continuing to do something or other and that will go on accumulating. You cannot get out of this trap. The only way to get out of this trap is to wake up.

Nothing else is needed. You don’t have to change your anger, you don’t have to change your greed, you don’t have to change anything. You have simply to be alert and aware. And all the projections of greed, all the projections of anger, all the projections of delusion, will evaporate - just the way, every morning, your dreams evaporate. They are made of the same stuff as dreams are made of.

So it seems a simple method and inconceivable to the rational mind that it can solve anything. Just by watching your mind everything will be transformed and you will discover your buddhahood, your ultimate beauty and joy, your ultimate existence, your greatest ecstasy. How is it possible? That’s what the disciples are asking.

Bodhidharma says: