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Chapter 2: Drop Becoming! Being Is Enough

Mind protects you from reality; that’s a must in the beginning. But the protection can also become a prison - there arises the problem. The guard that protects you can also become the jailer. He may protect you so much, and you may become so dependent on the protection, that you cannot become independent. A moment comes in life when you start feeling that mind is giving you only little bits of reality and you feel discontented. A really intelligent person is bound to feel discontented with the mind. Only unintelligent people can remain in the mind. Intelligent persons are bound to feel, one day or other, that the mind is allowing only little bits: “I am not a child anymore! I am a grown-up. I can have bigger windows in my being, and bigger doors, and I can allow more reality.” That’s what meditation is - the beginning of creating bigger windows than the mind allows. And when your windows have become so big that all the walls have disappeared,, that is samadhi. Now you are really grown-up. This is buddhahood, this is being a Christ. Now you don’t need any protection.

It is like when you plant a small tree, you have to protect it. A day comes when the tree has become strong enough; you remove all protection. It can protect itself. With the mind the problem is that there is nobody to remove it. The society creates it, the parents create it, the society, the college, the university create it, and there is nobody to help to uncreate it. That’s the function of a Master. And the world has become very poor because masters don’t exist now as they used to exist.

It is difficult now to find a master. Teachers, you can find many, they abound, but to find a master is very difficult.

And what is the difference between a teacher and a master? The teacher creates the mind, the master uncreates the mind. The teacher teaches you, gives you knowledge. The teacher is the snake. The school is the snake: it helps you to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. It is a great help: it takes you out of the Garden of Eden, it teaches you how to doubt, it teaches you how to disobey so that you can be out of all kinds of bondages. But then, finally, the mind itself becomes the bondage, and there is nobody to teach, there is nobody to help you come out of it. The university makes you a perfect Adam, and there everything stops. And we think education is finished: it is only half of the education, half of the journey. The real half is still there.

Somebody is needed, some place is needed, some milieu is needed where you can go and dissolve all that you have learned, where you can unlearn - that is satsang. Being with a master, you start unlearning, you start unminding. You start loosening all that you have learned. You start dissolving Adam and you start becoming a Christ.

Mind has its utilities. It is practical, it is needed, and even when you have become a meditator mind will be needed. But then it will be a servant, not a master.

I am using mind - talking to you the mind has to be used. But the mind is not using me. Then the mind is a beautiful mechanism; you can use it. It has to be used. It keeps your memories, It keeps your experiences, it goes on sorting things out - what is necessary, what is unnecessary. It is a must in life. Even a buddha needs it.

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