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Chapter 28: We Have to Create a Golden Future

I am reminded.Rabindranath was in Geneva. He had just been awarded the Nobel prize, and he was being received by the government of Switzerland in a vast welcome party. Everybody was white. Somebody asked, Rabindranath, “What is your explanation? Why has God created such discriminations - because you insist on one brotherhood of the whole humanity.”

Rabindranath said, “God first created a man out of mud and baked him, but being inexperienced, baked him too much. He’s the Negro. He created a second man. Being afraid that he may again make another Negro, he pulled him out quite early, unbaked.he’s the white man.”

That’s why in the white man the desire for having a tan continues.a little more baking. And baking powders are available, baking lotions are available; put on those lotions and powders and lie down naked under the hot burning sun. This desire is because they were pulled out of the bakery a little too soon. God said, “My God, I have committed another mistake.”

That’s why the Indian is in-between. That is the third person he baked, just right, neither a little more, nor a little less. But more than that, there is not any difference.just a little more sun, a little less sun.

There is no need for any color discrimination. There is no need to have boundaries of nations, because the earth has no boundaries. There is no need to have flocks of people gathered separately - the Catholics, the Protestants, the Hindus, the Mohammedans; each one should be free to have his own immediate and personal contact with existence, his own prayer.

The new man is on the horizon.

All the preparations to destroy the world will only destroy the old man and the old world. They will create the basic necessity for the birth of a new man. I can see him on the horizon already. He has arrived; it will just take some time for people to recognize him.

the other day someone asked me where I came from before coming to Pune and I couldn’t remember. He started mentioning major European cities while I got more embarrassed. I said, “Just wait, it will come,” and suddenly remembered Sydney, Australia. Osho, since I’ve been with you this time I’m losing my memory. What’s happening? I ask this question in the hope that this shows something to do with meditation.

You are really becoming intelligent. It is not expected from people who come from Sydney, Australia. This has never happened before! Losing your memory is of great significance. It means the energy is shifting from memory to intelligence.

Memory is mechanical; intelligence is non-mechanical. That’s why computers can have memory; they don’t have intelligence. If you ask them a question about which they have not been told before, you have to feed the information first, then you can ask the question, and without fail the answer will come. Intelligence is a totally different matter.

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