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Chapter 9: Duke Hwan and the Wheelright

This possibility is there only with a living master. With a dead master, you cannot learn anything. The word is with you, the Bible is with you; you can become a great scholar, a philosopher, you can think and spin many theories around it, you can create a theology of your own - but Jesus will not be there. You have to live with Jesus. His presence is the most significant thing.

The second thing to be remembered is that mind always likes theories, words, philosophies. It can tackle them, it is a game the mind likes very much because nothing is lost. On the contrary, mind is more strengthened through them. The more you know, the more information you gather, the more your mind feels, “I am somebody.”

With a living master the problem is this: you have to surrender, your ego has to be dissolved. It is really a death experience to live with a master, you have to die. And unless you die nothing is going to happen. Only through your death will rebirth happen. When you are no longer there, suddenly the divine is. So a living master is a death experience for the mind - a rebirth of the soul, but a death of the ego. With dead masters you are not scared. The mind can go on playing the game with the experts and the authorities, and the interpretation depends on you. In any theory the meaning is not there in it; you have to put the meaning in, it is a game. You think you are reading the Gita, the word of Krishna: you are wrong. The word is there, but who will give the meaning? You will give the meaning.

So every scripture is nothing but a mirror: you will see your own face in it. You can read anything that you like, but because the mind is very cunning it will simply not listen to anything that goes against it. It can interpret in its own ways, and Krishna is not there to say, “No, this is not my meaning.”

It happened that when Sigmund Freud was alive but very old, just in his last year of life, he gathered all his disciples - and he had a big following all over the world. He had created a very significant school of psychoanalysis, and he was revered.

Twenty of his closest disciples were taking lunch with him. They started discussing what Freud meant about something and they completely forgot that Freud was there. They became so much absorbed in the discussion, contradicting each other, arguing with each other. One theory - twenty interpretations. And the master was alive, he was sitting there, but they had forgotten him completely! Then he hammered on the table and said, “One thing please! I am still alive, you can ask me what I mean. Listening to you, I have become aware of what you are going to do when I am dead. I am alive, yet nobody asks me what my meaning is. And you have twenty meanings already! When I am dead, you will have two hundred, two thousand, two million meanings, and then there will be no possibility to ask me what I mean.”

That is how sects and creeds are born.

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