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Chapter 25: Religions, like Diseases, Are Many: Truth, like Health, Is One

That’s what the Christians, Hindus, Mohammedans all around the world are doing. A very strange situation.. they all say, “Be humble. Do not hanker for possessions, do not be attached to things; remain contented with whatsoever you have, whatsoever you are.” But why are all these people praying everywhere? Morning, evening, round the clock, millions of people are praying, millions of hours are wasted. For what? Inheritance.

Now, so many people.. I used to tell my father, “I don’t want any inheritance.”

He said, “What!”

I said, “Divided among so many people it is going to be almost nothing. So many millions of people have been here before, so many million people are here right now, and the world has not ended yet; millions more people are going to be here. Just think, a simple arithmetic: with so many millions of people, how much kingdom is going to be my inheritance?”

He said, “You will never stop asking mad questions!”

I said, “This is not a mad question. I am a businessman’s son, I am simply asking - it is just pure business. If I am going to devote so many hours a day.what is going to be the outcome of it? I don’t think God will even recognize me in such a crowd on the judgment day. Can you imagine the crowd?

“I don’t think that anybody will bother what sins I have committed and what virtuous acts I have done. In such a crowd.and everything has to be decided within twenty-four hours: one judgment day. I don’t think there is going to be any judgment on that day. And not only men, half of them will be women. There is going to be so much noise and so much gossiping, and people meeting - for so many lives they have not met.. You just imagine the situation!

“On that day, is any judgment going to happen? Is anybody going to bother about God? People will be looking after their friends and wives - and each person must have had millions of wives, in millions of lives, and millions of children. “I don’t think.” I told my father “.I am absolutely certain, that that day particularly there is not going to be any judgment. Who is going to listen?”

But all these people are praying because these pseudo-religions have created a beggar in you. And a beggar can never be religious: only an emperor can be religious; hence, I have been telling you that religion is the ultimate luxury.

You have to drop the whole idea of being a pauper and beggar; you are not.

And the kingdom is not somewhere else in the future, in somebody else’s hands, so that you have to praise him and massage his feet, and buttress him. It is within you; it is already there. Just a little groping within yourself.And that’s what religion is: a little groping inwards.

But the pseudo-religions go on forcing you in the same way as science does. Science at least is objective and brings some results, because it is concerned with things. Pseudo-religion is the worst that could have happened. It is not religion, it is not an inquiry within; it is not science, it is not an inquiry into objective existence. Then what is it?

It is an inquiry into something which is within but it is trying to find it without; that which is within is being searched for without. That is the pseudo-religion.

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