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Chapter 4: Dying into the Master

The first question:

I have heard that John the Baptist nearly drowned his disciples when baptizing them. Is this true? Is this type of experience something through which a disciple must pass?

It is true. I know this fellow John the Baptist! In fact, every master has been doing that. It is absolutely necessary because the disciple has to pass through a death process. Unless he dies - dies to his past, dies to his knowledge, dies to his beliefs - he cannot be reborn. And baptism is only symbolic: it is the symbol of death and resurrection.

That’s exactly what I am doing here. You cling to your beliefs - political, social, religious, philosophical You cling to whatsoever you have accumulated - although it is all junk, although it has not given you a single glimpse of truth, you cling to it.

Somebody has asked: “I was initiated by a master five years ago, and now I am feeling deeply interested in you. But the problem is: can a man have two masters?”

If your first initiation has opened the door to truth, there is no need for me to work on you. Why waste my time? I have so many other people to work upon. If the first master has not been able to open the door, or you have not allowed him to open the door, or who knows whether he was a master or not, then why not drop him?

One cannot have two masters; that is utterly stupid. If the first has done the work then I am not needed; if the first has not done the work, for whatever reason - he may be a pseudo master, you may have been a pseudo disciple.. Something must have gone wrong somewhere. One thing is certain: that initiation did not work. He could not drown you, he could not kill you - you are still there. But you don’t want to drop your old master and whatsoever he has taught you.

Now you are asking me: “Can a man have two masters?” I don’t accept such people because this is the wrong type of people. Sooner or later you will go to a third person and you will ask: “Can a man have three masters?”

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